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Prax 0014 polysci

Praxis II test 0014 social studies - political science section

main goal of political science educational programs to promote citizenship eduction so students may make informed decisions that improve and enhance society
5 elements for citizen education 1) nature and purpose of government 2) forms of government, 3) US constitution 4) rights and responsibilities of citizens, 5) state and local government
Purpose of government been around for more than 5000 years. established to protect individual's liberties, properties and lives from other people. Most important function is to provide laws/rules and enforce them. Establish criteria to settle conflicts
Three main systems of government anarchism, authoritarianism, democracy
Anarchism rule by no one; a form of government in which the people hold beliefs and attitudes the reject compulsory government ex. isocracy and tribalism
Authoriatairnism A form of government that demonstrates strict control and may coerce and use oppressive measures to ensure obedience. ex. autocracy, communism, oligarcy, aristocracy, dictatorship, monarchy, fascism, tyranny
democracy rule by majority; form of gov in which people hold certain liberties & freedoms and retain the power and rule either directly or through representation. ex. republicism, parliamentary system, democratic socialism
autocracy rule by one
oligarchy rule by minority
republic rule by law
socialism rule by all
communism type of gov. in which state designs and controls the economy under the power of an authoritarian party and eliminates private ownership of property or individual capital in order to create a classless society where all goods are shared equally
dictatorship type of gov in which a single ruler or small group have absolute power, not restricted by constitution or law, where citizens have no choice in the leadership
monarchy type of gov in which supreme and absolute power resides in the hands of a single monarch who rules over the lands for life through hereditary right
theocracy type of gov in which Deity is ruler and laws are interpreted by religious clergy
totalitarian type of gov that controls all political aspects, economic matters, attitudes, values and beliefs of the population keeping individuals subordinate to the state
Created by: allie424
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