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Chp.10 History Test

Chp. 10 History Test

1. After the World War II, a team of German scientists led by ____________ came to America to develop ___________ for the United States. Wernher von Braun, rockets
2. During the period from 1950-1960, _____________ became a center for companies working on rocket technology. Huntsville
3. In 1963, President Kennedy established a national goal of _________________________________________. putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade
4. Alabama helped in the war effort during the Vietnam War by _______ and ________. serving the in the military; training soldiers at Alabama bases
5. When the steel mills began to close in Birmingham during 1960s, _____________ became the city's most important economic institution. University of Alabama Medical Center
6. The opening of the Tenn-Tom Waterwary in 1985 gave Alabama _____________. a direct water route to the Midwest
7. During the 1930s, the Tennessee Valley Authority built _____________ to produce __________________. dams along the Tennessee River; electricity
8. The _____________________provided scholarships and upgraded education throughout the country. A National Defense Education Act
9. Two technological advances that help people share information are _____________ and __________________. email, internet
10. __________________ was the only person to be elected as governor of Alabama four times. Governor George Wallace
11. In 1990, when Saddam Hussein invaded the neighboring country of Kuwait, the United States and other countries sent soldiers to protect Saudi Arabia as a part of Operation ____________________. Desert Shield
12. In 1991, during Operation _____________________, the United States and its allies used soldiers to force Saddam Hussein to retreat to Iraq. Desert Storm
13. Who was the first African American woman in space? Mae Jemison
14. Who was the first American astronaut in space? Alan Shepherd
15. First American satellite in orbit? Explorer I
Created by: Jmcclintin