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AG chapter 13

Human Rights Fundamental freedoms
Bill of Rights guarantees basic rights in the Constitution
Nationalization citizens who believe that a state or local authority has denied them their basic rights may take their case to a federal court
incorporation extended the Bill of Rights to all levels of government
Allegheny County v ACLU a publicly funded Nativity scene by itself violated the constitution
Reynolds v US people are not free to worship in ways that violate laws protecting the health, safety, or morals of the community
Jacobson v Massachusetts court upheld compulsory vaccination laws for students, even though some religions prohibit it
Wisconsin v Yoder court decided that the state could not require Amish parents to send their children to public school beyond 8th grade
Establishment Clause congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion
Free Exercise Clause prohibits government from unduly interfering with the free exercise of religion
parochial schools schools operated by a church or religious group
abridged limited
precedent decisions made on the same issue in earlier cases
secular nonreligious
equal access act allows public high schools receiving federal funds to permit student religious groups to hld meetings in the school
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