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Grade 4 History Ch 2

Grade 4 History Ch 2 Checkup

Who searched for the Seven Cities of Cibola Coronado
What natural wonder did Coronado discover on his journey? the Grand Canyon
What did de Sotto discover on his journey to search for gold? the Mississippi River
Why were the discoveries of the Grand Canyon and the Mississippi River not especially exciting to the Spanish explorers? One of their main goals was to find gold, not natural wonders, in the lands that they explored
What Spanish soldier conquered the Aztecs? Cortez
Who explored North America for France? Cartier
What great Indian tribe lived in what is now Mexico? Aztecs
Who was Montezuma the leader of the Aztecs
What was Cartier searching for? a waterway through America to Asia
What three things did Cartier do fro France? opened the say for a fur trade with the Indians, developed a friendship between the French and the Indians, and gave France a claim to the New World
What legendary place did the Indians describe? the Seven Cities of Cibola
What area did Coronado explore? Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas)
Who discovered the Mississippi River? de Soto
What was de Soto really searching for? gold
What queen permitted English pirates to attack Spanish ships? Elizabeth I
What were English pirates called? "sea dogs"
What was the frist successful French settlement in America? Quebec
Who helped found Quebec? Champlain
What was the first permanent European settlement in America? St. Augustine
Name the three powerful countries with claims in the New World during the years of discovery. Spain, France, and England
Created by: mbrennan262