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Prax 0014 explorers

Explorers to know in history section of Praxis II 0014

John Cabot 1450-1499 English; explored canadian coastline looked for passage to Asia
Christopher Columbus 1451-1506 Italian; voyage across Atlantic in 1492 looking for new route to India, discovered N. America
Amerigo Vespucci 1454-1512 Italian; first person to realize Americas were separate from Asia and were not the East Indies. Map maker in 1507 names the Americas after him
Juan Ponce de Leon 1458-1521 Spanish; discovered Gulf stream and first European to set foot in Florida while searching for the fountain of youth
Hernan Cortez 1485-1547 Spanish; conquistador who wiped out the Aztec Empire and claimed Mexico for Spain
Jacque Cartier 1491-1557 French; discovered Canada and paved way for the French exploration of N. America
Fernando De Soto 1496-1542 Spanish; explored Florida, SE US and credited for discovery of Mississippi River
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado 1510-1554 Spanish; conquistador who explored the American SW (AZ, NM, TX, OK, KS). He killed many Native Americans because they would not convert to Christianity
Sir Walter Raleigh 1552-1618 British; explorer, poet, historian and soldier, established English colonies in the Americas. Named the state of Virginia after Queen Elizabeth
Henry Hudson 1565-1611 English; explored Arctic Ocean and NE N. America. Hudson River, Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay were named after him and he is credited with founding New York
John Smith 1580-1631 Captain in English military who founding Jamestown, Virginia. He explored Chesapeake Bay and the New England coast
Vitus Bering 1681-1741 Dutch explorer who explored Alaska and Siberia. The Bering Strait bears his name
Captain James Cook 1728-1779 British; explorer and astronomer who led expeditions to the Pacific Ocean, Antarctica, the Arctic and around the world. Credited with discovering Hawaii
Robert Gray 1755-1806 First American-born explorer to circumnavigate the globe. also explored the NW US and helped obtain the Oregon territory
Daniel Boone 1734-1820 American pioneer, explorer, trapper, mountain man and soldier who founded the first US settlement west of the Appalachian Mts. Also explored the Kentucky wilderness
Merriweather Lewis (1774-1809) and William Clark (1770-1838) Explored and mapped the American west. Traveled through the Louisiana Territory (Missouri to Oregon Coast) and were led by Sacagawea
Jedediah Smith 1798-1831 American mountain man, hunter and fur trapper who as the first person to travel from New York to CA through the Rocky Mts. and the Mohave Dessert. Also first person to cross the Great Basin Dessert via the Sierra Nevada MTs and the Great Salt Lake
Kit Carson 1809-1868 American explorer, guide, trapper and soldier who explored the SW and western US with John Fremont. In 1863 he destroyed the Navajo settlement in Canyon De Chelley and forced Native Americans on the "long walk"
Created by: allie424
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