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Roaring 20s vocab.

My not have all vocab words but some of them.

Fads in the 1920s Dance marathons, flagpole sitting and other very popular activities which captivated the nation only to fade away after a period of time.
Scopes Monkey Trial 1925 court case in Tennessee that focused on the issue of teaching evolution in public schools. An example of the clash of cultures between modern urban America and rural more conservative America.
19th Amendment Gave women the right to vote
Al Capone He was a gangster in Chicago who had owned a large amount of speakeasies(illegal bars). the only crime he was convicted of was him not paying his taxes
Flappers A 1920,s term used to describe a new type of modern young woman; rebellious, energetic, and bold who went against the social norm.
The Harlem Renaissance Period of African-American cultural creativity in Music, art, literature during the 1920's
Installment loans Borrowed money that is typically paid back in equal monthly payments
Prohibition A law forbidding the sale, manufacture and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Led to a rise of organized crime.
Changing role of women in the 1920s Women gained the right to vote, helped win WWI, and many looked toward the ability to live their lives by going against Victorian ideals and what had been the social norm for women in American society.
KKK in the 1920's Although most of the KKK's savagery was aimed at African Americans, their nativist hatred extended to immigrants, Catholics, Jews, and anyone not a WASP.
Effect of the automobile on the growth of other industries. The auto let to a period of great economic growth that spurred growth in insurance, glass, rubber, oil, roads, bridges, highways, and many other industries associated with the auto.
Effect of the automobile on consumer debt. Americans took out consumer installment loans to buy autos and other new inventions of the 1920's. Eventually they accumulated so much debt that they could no longer purchase additional goods.
The Palmer Raids A series of raids directed by Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer to arrest Communists, Socialists and Anarchists during the Red Scare of the 1920's
Immigration Act of 1924 Federal quota law reducing the immigration quota for each nationality to 2% of the 1890 figures.
Marcus Garvey A black leader who called for a return to Africa to form a separate nation there. He also called on blacks to take pride in their culture.
Buying Stocks on Margin Buying a stock by paying only a fraction of the stock price and borrowing the rest from the stock broker. One of the caused of the Great Depression.
Assembly line Production method that breaks down a complex job into a series of smaller tasks. Made goods faster and cheaper.
Cause of Organized Crime in 1920s Prohibition led to a black market for Alcohol which was controlled by criminals who broke the law, bribed judges and police officials and created a crime wave as they fought over territory with other criminals to gain power and money.
Louis Armstrong Was an African American Jazz singer and trumpeter. some historians have said he was the best Jazz singer in African American history.
John Scopes A High School teacher who broke the law on purpose to get schools to ban the teachings of evolution. people say that his trial was seen as a fight between the theory of evolution and the Bible.
Al Jolson Was born in Russia but moved to United States and appeared in the first full length sound movie which was "The Jazz Singer"
Charles Darwin An Engish scientist who developed the theory of evolution
Henry Ford He revolutionized the car industry. He was the founder of Ford and invented the assembly line, He also was the first person to pay his workers $5 a day.
Created by: aparks
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