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Civil War Reconstruction Review

13th Amendment Official change to the Constitution that ABOLISHED SLAVERY
14th Amendment Official change to the Constitution that GRANTED CITIZENSHIP
15th Amendment Official change to the Constitution that gave all races the RIGHT TO VOTE
Lincoln's Plan Reconstruction Plan that required 10% of voters to pledge their oath of loyalty to the US
Wade Davis Bill Congressional response to Lincoln's plan
Johnson's Plan Required states to ratify the 13th Amendment; supported Black Codes in the South
Radical Republicans Political group that divided the South into 5 military districts
Sharecropping System of working land as a tenant farmer in exchange for a portion of the profits; resulted in cycle of debt for Freedmen
Cotton Main crop of Southern economy during Reconstruction
Black Codes Examples include literacy test and poll tax
Panic of 1873 Economic Depression
Hamburg Massacre Mob of white Southerners attack black militia
Rutherford B. Hayes Winner of the 1876 election; President who ended Reconstruction
Samuel Tilden Democrat who lost the 1876 election
Compromise of 1877 Allowed Hayes to be President if he agreed to remove military rule from the South
Carpetbaggers Northerners who moved South to support Reconstruction efforts
Scalawags Southerners who supported the Reconstruction efforts
Freedmen's Bureau Organization created to assist former slaves with clothing, food, and education
John Wilkes Booth Abraham Lincoln's assassin
impeach To put the President on trail (as happened to Johnson)
Democrat The political party of traditional white Southerners
Republican The political party of the majority of Northerners
KKK Extreme white supremacy group that used violence and intimidation to suppress blacks
SC Constitution of 1868 Created Republican Rule in SC; a state government that was majority black
Created by: mrscombs