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ETCs 81-90

What federal agency was set up to help the newly freed former slaves? The Freedmen's Bureau
The Constitutional amendment giving former slaves “full and equal benefit of the laws” was the? The 14th Amendment
Name one of the two US presidents to be impeached? Bill Clinton and/or Andrew Johnson
What was the name of the terrorist organization that was formed in Tennessee? The Ku Klux Klan
”The Solid South” referred to which political party having a virtual monopoly on high elected officials? Republicans
What SC town was the site of a bloody massacre? The Hamburg Massacre
What group were passionate supporters of Wade Hampton III? Red Shirts
Who was elected Governor of South Carolina in 1876? Wade Hampton
Which 1870, Constitutional amendment gave all men the right to vote? The 15th Amendment
What compromise brought Reconstruction to an end? The Compromise of 1877
Created by: cox.katelyn
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