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Social Studies! 7th

Who declares war? Congress does. This is because it is to much power and responsibility to give to one person, the president!
What are powers of federal government called? delegated powers
what are powers of state government called? reserved powers
What are powers of state and Federal government called? concurrent powers
What is the 1st amendment? The freedom of speech
What is the 5 amendment? Rights of the accused
What is the 13th amendment? Free the slaves
What is the 14th amendment? Grants all slaves former citizenship
What is the 15th amendment? Gives all former slaves the right to vote
What is the 18th amendment? Prohibited the sale, distribution, or consumption of alcohol
What is the 19th amendment? Gives woman the right to vote
What is the 21st amendment? Repeals the 18th amendment
What is the 22nd amendment? limits president to 2 full term or a maximum of 10 years
How old must you be to become a senator? You must be 30 years old
How old must you be to become president? You must be 35 or older
How old must you be to become a representative? You must be 25 years old
What is the definition of federalism? powers divided between a federal government and a state government
Structure of Senate There is 100 people. 2 per state. You term is for 6 years.
Structure of House of representatives There is 435 people. your term is up to 2 years long. elected from states according to population.
Job of the legislative branch makes the laws. pass the law, ratify treaties, impeach the president, veto laws, propose constitutional amendments.
Job of the executive branch enforce the laws. they can propose laws, veto laws, make treaties, grant pardons.
Job of the Judicial branch Interpret the laws. declare acts of the executive branch, declare unconstitutional laws.
How does an amendment get added to the constitution? A law needs to be preposed and then congress needs at least a 2/3 vote t make it constitutional.
What is the great compromise? An act where people agreed only 2 senators per state
What was the first written constitution in america? Fundamental Orders
What is checks and balances? A group of people who made sure that one branch didn't get too powerful
What does impeachment mean? Impeachment means to basically testify to fire or get rid of someone
What does inauguration mean? a formal admission of someone to office
veto to stop something fromm happening
what does it mean to override? if you veto something, they turn around and say too bad it's happening
What does Legislation means? laws considered collectively
what are federalists? a person who supports federalism
what does it mean to ratify? to sign something and make t official
What are the bill of rights? The first 10 amendments added to the constitution
Definition of the governor and who they are he elected executive head of a state of the US. Andrew Cuomo
Electoral college a body of electorals chosen by a large group of people
cabinet a body of advisers to the president, composed of the heads of the executive departments of the government.
amendments laws added to the constitution
bicameral having two branches
constitution a paper with amendments on it that are laws for the US
What were the weaknesses of the articles of confederation? they were to weak to inform their laws
who is the head of the senate? Charles Grassley
who is the head of the house of representative? Nacy Pelosi
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