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What is the largest country in Asia? China
Where did human settlement first start? North China Plain
What is a yellowish brown soil? that blows in from the desert? Loess
What are platforms of Earth that look like stairs? Terraces
What is China's capital? Beijing
What is the river that cuts through the North China Plain? The Huang River
Where did the first human civilizations in China make their home. Huang River Valley
What is a wall that keeps a river in its riverbank. A levee
What is the region to SE on the map? Guanxi Zhuangzi
What is a cultivation system in which two crops grow in the same land in the same year? Double Cropping
What is a place in China that is very rocky and has mountain ranges to both N and S? The Tibetan Plateau
What are pictures that represent words? Pictographs
What was the first dynasty of China? The Shang Dynasty
What was the period that tills and weapons made made of bronze? Bronze Age
What was the longest and second Dynasty off China? The Zhou Dynasty
What was the 3rd dynasty of China? The Qin Dynasty
What was the 4th Dynasty of China? The Han Dynasty
Who was the emperor of China During the Han Dynasty (141-87BC) Wu Di
What is the practice of using skills and talents to work in the government. Civil Service
What is a trade route that went through China to Rome? The Silk Road
What was a soft fabric made in China Silk
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