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SS Chapter 8

SS Chapter 8 Vocabulary

wheat/corn the Middle West leads the country in the production of these 2 crops
combine an enormous machine that cuts wheat or removes grain from the stalk
food processing turns crops and animal products into the foods you consume
grain elevator a huge storage bin where grain is kept until it is shipped away
Henry Ford an engineer who made a gas powered vehicle in Detroit
mass production the manufacturing of large numbers of goods using identical parts
assembly line a moving belt carrying unfinished cars past workers. Each worker performs a single task.
Great Migration the movement of thousands of people into Detroit looking for jobs in the automobile industry
Battle of Little Big Horn the name of a battle between the Native Americans and the United States soldiers
Crazy Horse the chief who led the Native Americans in the Battle of Little Big Horn
General George Custer he led the United Stats soldiers in the Battle of Little Big Horn
reservation land set aside by the government for Native Americans
John Deere a blacksmith that shaped a steel saw into a plow blade
Abraham Lincoln one of our presidents who lived in the Ohio River Valley before he moved further west to Indiana
frontier the edge of a settled area
pioneers people who settle on land that is new to them
teepee a cone-shaped dwelling that can be put up and taken down very quickly
flatboats large, flat-bottomed boats that pioneers used for travel
Conestoga wagons these became the favorite kind of transportation for pioneers after more roads were built
Lakota the Native American group that won the Battle of Little Big Horn
Created by: P Hatting
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