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TWJ japan


The leader Emperor
The real leader of Japan Shogun
The 3rd level of the futile system Diamyos
The warrior of Japan samurai
The biggest class of the system peasants
The lowest class of the systems Merchants
The first religion Shinto
They tried to invade Japan mongols
Japan was in isolation for how many years about 250 years
This was a big influence in Japan China
The system of Japan The Feudal System
What kamikaze means in Japanese Divine Wind
Which foreigner convinced Japan to open its borders and stop being an isolated nation Matthew Perry
What dose ethnocentric They only cared about there own culture.
What side was Japan on WW1 Allies
What side was Japan on WW2 Axis
Where is pearl harbor Hawaii
When did japan attack Pearl harbor December 7, 1941
america entered WW2 on what day The day after of the attack of Pearl harbor
What did the use in WW2 to kill the opponents Kamikaze
The name of the atomic bomb dropped on japan in WW2 Fat Man and Little Boy
Who dose Japan dislike China
When did Japan attack China Bloody Sunday
Created by: Tyler Garcia 15