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George W Presidency

About George Washington presidency life.

What was George Washingtons political party? He had none.
Is George Washington the one president to not have a political party, true or false. True
Did George Washington like John Adams? No, he didn't and he didn't like him so much that he wouldn't allow John to be present in the meetings.
Was George Washington is a fan of fake news, true or false? False, he hated it and wanted to END it.
John Adams was leader the Continental Army, right? False, George Washington is actually the leader of the Continental Leader.
What did John Adams think about the vice president role? "The most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived."
What roles are in the cabinet? Department of State, Department of Treasury, Department of War, Attorney General.
Who was in the cabinet? Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, General Henry Knox, Edmund Randolph.
Who is John Jay? He was the first Chief Justice.
What led the nation in deep debt? The American Revolution.
True or false, Hamilton concept was to have a National Bank? True
What does Hamilton use to establish the National Bank? The Elastic Clause.
What is the Elastic Clause? Congress has the power to make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution” its powers.
True or false, does Hamilton act like a puppet master? True
Who were the federalist supporters? John Jay and John Adams.
Who lead the federalist? Alexander Hamilton
What did Southern slave owner's want for freeing their slaves during the revolutionary war? Compensation
What was great Britain response to Jay treaty? They will not allow trade in British West Indies.
Federalist believed government should promote? Manufacturing, shipping, and trade.
Were the democratic- Republicans pro- British or pro- French? Pro- French
In 1793, French declared War on...? Great Britain
Who had to break the tie vote with Jays treating? John Adams
Who helped Washington with his farewell address? Alexander Hamilton
Created by: kquisbert