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Mesopotamia Culture


What is a system community uses to produce and distribute goods and services? Economy
What is a complex society that has cities, a well organized government, and workers with specialized skills? Civilization
What is a supply of something that can be used as needed? Resource
What is a third common feature of a civilization established or a set of beliefs about supernatural powers that created the rule of the world ? Religion
What is a fifth feature of a early civilization that was a system of ...? Social Class
What is a region of the Middle East that stretches in a large, crescent-curve from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea? Fertile Crescent
What is a trading system in which people exchange goods directly without using money? Barter
What does the Fertile Crescent include? Mesopotamia
What is the belief of more than one god called? Polytheism
What did Sumerians use to supply water to their crops ? Irrigate
What were the larger Sumerian cities, temples were pyramid-shaped brick towers known as ? Ziggurate
What is a state containing several countries or territories? Empire
What is an independent state that works with other states to achieve a shared military or political goal? Ally
What is an idea or way of doing things that is common in a certain culture? Cultural Trait
What is a set of laws that governed life in Babylonian empire? Hammurabi's Code
What is the idea that all members of a society - even the rich and powerful- must obey? Rule of Law
What are the solders who fight while riding horses called? Cavalry
What is a permanent army of professional solders called? Standing Army
What is a payment made to show loyalty to a stronger power called? Tribute
What is money that is used as a medium exchange usually bills or coins called? Currency
What is carved stone slab or pillar that stands on the end called? Stele
What is a good service sold within a country that is produced in another country called? Import
What is a good or service produced within a country and sold outside the country's borders called? Export
What is the art of steering a ship place to place called? Navigation
What is an area ruled by a distant country called? Colony
What is the spreading of cultural traits from one region to another called? Cultural diffusion
What is a small set of letters or symbols, each of which stands fr a single sound called? Alphabet
What are groups of rocky rapids called? Cataract What is a king of
What is an area of sediment called? Delta
What are skilled workers Artisan
What is a king of a united Egypt called? Pharaoh
What is a ruling family? Dynasty
What is a system of offices that handle the business of government called? Bureacracy
What is a body preserved by a special process called? Mummy
What is a drawing or symbol that represents a word called? Hieroglyphic
What a material very similar to paper invented by Egyptians called? Papyrus
What is a structure with triangular sides called? Pyramid
What is a statue or another free-standing piece of art made by clay, stone or other materials called? Sculpture
What is the study of a structure of the body and its organs called? Anatomy
What is the buying and selling of goods and services called? Commerce
What is a hard white material made from elephant tusks called? Ivory
What is the dependence by each country or group on the other called? Interdependence
What is one of the world's first alphabets? Meroitic Script
What is a black wood from West Africa, and elephant tusks, valued as a source of ivory, from East and Central Africa called? Ebony
What is an animal bone or shell carved with written characters that was used to predict the future in ancient china ? Oracle Bones
Qin the king of the strongest state became?.. Shi Huangdi
What beginning under his rule, hundreds of thousands of laborers worked for hundreds of years to build the?.. Great Wall
Who goes between buyers and people and translate if needed ? Middlemen
Who is known as the king Fuzi? Confucius
Confucius revived older Zhou texts as well as ?... Book of Documents
What is a collection of sayings by Confucius that were written by his students ? Analects
Virtues a sense of humanity respect for the family or modesty are at the core of? Confucianism
What is the belief in finding the "way" or the dao of the universe ? Daoism
Who was the first great teacher of daoism and taught before Confucius ? Laozi
Before the ___ dynasty China suffered through nearly four centuries for unrest ? Sui Dynasty
What dynasty was considered one of the China"s greatest dynasties? Tang Dynasty
What was the first female ruler? Wu Hou
What dynasty united warring groups and established a strong central rule? Song Dynasty
Who was a universal ruler? Genghis Khan
Who conquered both southern China and Burma by 1280? Kublai Khan
What is another name for Mongol dynasty? Yuan Dynasty
What dynasty became the power in 1368? Ming Dynasty
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