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American Revolution

The Death of General Wolfe (1770) Benjamin West portrays the famed British General James Wolfe as he died in 1759 defending Americans from French aggression in the Seven Years' War.
John Adams America's founding fathers
Americans' dispute with the British was not solely about taxes: it was also about ? settlement of the western frontier and the extent of their rights under British law
What was Britain concerned about? war debt and the ongoing cost of protecting frontier settlements from Native American raids
What did the Native Americans demanded? Americans help pay for their own protection and limit westward migration
In 1754 the British Empire renewed its chronic warfare against ? French for power around the globe as well as in Europe
The New England colonies usually bore the brunt of the fighting, suffering raids by the ___ and their ___ allies on the vulnerable settlements of the northern frontier. French; Indian
What did Britain Invest In for the Seven Years War? dozens of warships, thousands of troops, and immense funds to pay and supply them
Peace Treaty of 1763 the French surrendered Canada (including the territory around the Great Lakes) and the Ohio Valley to the British, who also secured Florida from the Spanish, who again had supported the French and suffered for it
The great run of British victories India, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and Canada thrilled colonists as well as people in Britain
the ___ proudly considered themselves Britons in America, cherishing the liberties, military security, and profitable trade provided by the triumphant empire colonists
British officers and officials had discovered just how prosperous the ___ people in the colonies had become, thanks to their productive farms and plantations and their trade around the globe under the British flag. free
Blessed with a relative abundance of ___ (taken from the Indians), most free men owned a farm or a shop, which meant they had the right to vote. land
Per capita, the colonists paid only ___ shilling in tax directly to the empire, compared to ___ shillings per capita in England. one; 26
the British had to pay for at least ___ troops to garrison the conquered territories in North America 10,000
What did the British commanders regarded the colonial regiments ? as poorly trained, insubordinate, and ineffective in combat
___ relied on the colonial troops solely to build roads and repair forts commanders
who declared that American smuggling had principally, if not alone, enabled France to sustain and protract this long and expensive war? British Prime Minister William Pitt
___ had often failed to cooperate with requests to house the troops and contribute financially to the war effort. Colonial legislators
The ___ had treated the Indians as respected allies and supplied them with trade goods, often as gifts. french
Pontiac's Rebellion after a chief of the Ottawa nation who played a leading but not a commanding role in decentralized uprisings in many Native villages
Royal Proclamation of 1763 the Empire promised to keep the colonial settlers east of the Appalachians, reserving the continental interior for the Natives
third institution a council comprised of men nominated by the local assembly and approved by the royal governor
Resistance to the new taxes took three forms intellectual protest, economic boycotts, and violent intimidation
First Continental Congress encouraged counties and towns to set up local committees to enforce the boycott and intimidate those who supported British policy
____ supported the idea of a new country named America, but his was a bold and dangerous position John Adams
The common ___ felt harassed by Patriot committees and mobs enforcing the Continental Association and forcing men to join local militias to fight the British. Loyalists
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