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SAI MIT Trainging

When and where was SAI founded? University School of Music in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 12, 1903
Who were the seven founders? Elizabeth Campbell, Frances Caspari, Minnie Davis Sherrill, Leila Farlin Laughlin, Nora Crane Hunt, Georgina Potts and Mary Storrs Andersen
The governing body of Sigma Alpha Iota is the? National Convention
The voting delegates are? one delegate from each chapter and all members of the National Officers Conference who are in attendance
Between Conventions, Fraternity business is conducted by the? National Executive Board
National President (who) Leslie Odom Miller
NVP-Alumnae Chapters (who) Jennie Ross
NVP-Collegiate Chapters (who) Jessica Chichester
NVP-Extension (who) Jennifer Z. Mistretta
NVP-Finance (who) Keri Flowers
NVP- Fraternity Development (who) Christine Hall
NVP-Ritual and Fraternity Education (who) Tracey Wygal Withrow
Chairman, Board of Directors, SAI Philanthropies, Inc. (who) Heidi Frankson
Executive Director (who) Ruth Sieber Johnson
Created by: Lsexton
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