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Gr 4 History Ch 6

Grade 4 History Ch 6 Checkup

Name the Middle Colonies New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
List the Southern Colonies Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
What explorer was hired to explore New York for the Dutch? Henry Hudson
What three countries claimed New York? Holland (or the Netherlands), France, England
Who explored norther New York for France? Samuel de Champlain
What man claimed all of North America for England? John Cabot
What did the Dutch call New York City? New Amsterdam
What fiery Dutch governor did not want to surrender to the British? Peter Stuyvesant
Who settled New Jersey? the Dutch
Who gave New Jersey its name? Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley
What colony was founded by William Penn Pennsylvania
What was the first settlement in that colony? Chester
What important city in Pennsylvania did William Penn personally design? Philadelphia
What does Philadelphia mean? "the city of brotherly love"
Which colony had a group of representatives called the House of Burgesses? Virginia
What colony was founded as a refuge for Catholics? Maryland
Whose idea was it to begin the colony of Maryland? George Calvert
What two ships brought the first settlers to Maryland? the Ark and the Dove
What was the first settlement in Maryland? St. Mary's
What was the first settlement in Carolana? Charles Town
What is indigo? a valuable blue dye produced in South Carolina
What is a plantation? a large farm found in the Southern Colonies
What kind of people settled Georgia? poor people and prisoners
Who founded Georgia? James Oglethorpe
What was the first settlement in Georgia? Savannah
What famous preacher went to Georgia to start America's first orphanage? George Whitefield
Created by: mbrennan262