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Gr 4 History Ch 5

Grade 4 History Ch 5 Checkup

How many colonies were there in America by 1735? 13
Name the New England colonies Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut
What did the Puritans want to do with the Church of England? purify it; remove from it all the things that they thought were bad
Which colony did the Puritans settle in 1630? Massachusetts Bay Colony
What became the largest city in Massachusetts? Boston
Who was John Winthrop? the governor of Massachusetts
What was John Winthrop known for? honesty and generosity
What man was beaten with a whip for preaching in Massachusetts? Obadiah Holmes
Who left Massachusetts and settled Providence? Roger Williams
Whom did Rhode Island send to England to get a charter? Dr. John Clarke
Why did the Native Americans like Roger Williams? He traded with them fairly and never tried to cheat them
Which was the first colony to offer complete religious freedom? Rhode Island
What was the largest city in the colony of Rhode Island? Providence
What did Rhode Island's charter guarantee? complete religious freedom
What President referred to Rhode Island as the "Little Baptist State of Rhode Island"? George Washington
Which ship brought the first settlers to New Hampshire? the Jonathon
Who obtained New Hampshire and gave it its name? John Mason
New Hampshire was forced to become a part of what colony for several years? Massachusetts
What was the Indian name for Connecticut? Quinnehtukqut
Which preacher built the city of Hartford? Thomas Hooker
Which plan of government was based upon a sermon by Thomas Hooker? the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut later served as a pattern for what important document? the Constitution of the United States
Which religious group wanted to purify the Church of England? Puritans
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