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US 11

Chapter 18

Progressive Era period from 1890-1920 during which a variety of reforms were enacted at the local and federal levels
muckraker jounalists who uncover wrongdoings in politics or business
injunction court order prohibiting a certain activity
goals of Progressives protecting social welfare; fostering efficiency; creating economic reform; promoting moral improvement
How did Progressive writers inspire reform? journalists investigated and reported the public conditions of slums and tenement houses
social welfare program programs that help ensure a minimum standard of living
municipal relating to a city
home rule system that gives a limited degree of self-rule; allows cities to escape domination by state government controlled political machines
direct primary an election in which all citizens vote to select nominees for upcoming elections
initiative process which citizens can put a proposed new law directly on the ballot in the next election by collecting voters signatures on a petition
referendum process that allows citizens to approve or reject a law passed by the legislature
recall procedure that permits voters to remove public officals from office before the next election
holding company a firm that buys up stocks and bonds of smaller companies
How did Progressives wish to expand the role of government? They wanted to expand taxes among people and regulation;rid government of corruption;help the citizens.
What municipal and state reforms did Progressives achieve? Improved city services and established public health reforms
What federal reforms did Theodore Roosevelt champion as President? The big business reform in the Hepburn Act
conservationist person who favors the protections of natural resources
new nationalism Theodore Roosevelt's plan for greater federal regulation of business and workplaces, income and inheritance taxes and electoral reforms
Bull Moose Party Nickname for Progressive Party
Clayton Antitrust Act law passed in 1914 to strengthen the Sherman Antitrust Act; specified big businesses activities that were forbidden
Federal Trade Commission(FTC) 1914 Commission established by Wilson and Congress to enforce the Clayton Act and set up fair-trade laws
Federal Reserve System nations central banking system
political conflicts that marked presidency of William Howard Taft conflicts arising over tariffs; Ballinger pinchot affair
contenders in Election of 1912 Woodrow Wilson; William Howard Taft; Theodore Roosevelt;Eugene Debs; Woodrow Wilson won election
politics Wilson put in place attacked trusts and monopolies; lowered tariffs; introduced the income tax; reformed banking
civil disobedience nonviolent refusal to obey a law in an effort to change the law
National American Woman Suffrage Association(NAWSA) organization formed in 1890 to continue pursuit of women's rights
Congressional Union(CU) radical organization formed in 1913 and led by Alice Paule that campaigned for amendment for women's suffrage
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