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Social Studies 1034

Alijah M Mayer

The Celts and Ibers were some of the early people of _____________. Spain
The Celts and Ibers got their food by hunting and ___________. fishing
Early __________ brought the alphabet to Spain. traders
The ______________ came to Spain sometime after the traders. Romans
The language taught in the schools of Spain was _________. Latin
The ___________ came to Spain in A.D. 700. Moors
The Moors stayed in Spain ________ years. 700
The Moors built large __________. castles
The Moors taught the Spanish a new way to _________. farm
El Cid led the Spanish in _________ against the Moors. wars
The Spanish people ___________ the war against the Moors. won
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella __________ in Spain. lived
Christopher means _________ bearer. Christ
Mr. Columbus was __________ about the world being round. right
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella promised MR. Columbus _________. ships
The Nina, The Pinta, and the Santa __________ were Columbus' three ships. Maria
In A.D. 1492 Mr. Columbus sailed from _________. Spain
First they sailed to an _________. island
Then Mr. Columbus walked onto the island and placed a Spanish __________ there. flag
Mr. Columbus put a cross of _________ on each island. wood
When General Franco was the leader of Spain, people were not free to ___________ God. worship
General Franco was head of Spain for about __________ years. 40
When General Franco dies, Juan Carlos I became __________. King
People have __________ to worship God in Spain. freedom
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