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G6 SS Lesson 16

The Filipino Odyssey 6 Lesson 16 The Philippines Under Martial Law

It gives a citizen the right to undergo fair trial in to be protected from unlawful imprisonment Writ of habeas corpus
Time people may go out on the streets to be outside their houses as dictated or limited by law Curfew hour
Violent movement or uprising that usually happens to oppose or defy a government Rebellion
Term used for a person who takes part in strikes or demonstrations Protester
Government headed by a prime minister Parliament
What is another name for Martial Law? Proclamation Number 1081
When was Martial Law Declared? September 21, 1972
This Constitution indicates that being the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the president of the Philippines has the right to declare Martial Law. 1935 Constitution (Article VII, Section 10, Paragraph 2)
What are the events that led to the Declaration of Martial Law? 1. Emergence of Leftist Group 2. Worsening Peace and Order Problems 3. The Plaza Miranda Bombing 4. The Suspension of Writ of Habeas Corpus
What are the leftist groups that emerged that triggered the declaration of Martial Law? 1. C.P.P. (Communist Party of the Philippines) 2. N.P.A. (New People's Army) 3. M.N.L.F. (Moro National Liberation Front)
He is a former U.P. professor who founded the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines)? Jose Maria Sison
When did Jose Maria Sison established the C.P.P. (Communist Party of the Philippines)? 1968
What does C.P.P. stands for? Communist Party of the Philippines
What does N.P.A. stands for? New People's Army
What does M.N.L.F. stands for? Moro National Liberation Front
From whom did the C.P.P. based its ideology? Mao Tse Tung, a communist leader of China.
When was the N.P.A. (New People's Army) founded? 1969
It is the armed wing of the C.P.P. It was made up of farmers fighting against the abuses of the landowners who possessed the land they tilled. N.P.A. (New People's Army)
It was created by the government to curb or stop the worsening of the rebellionof the NPA B.S.D.U. (Basic Self-Defense Unit)
When was the MNLF founded? March 18, 1968
Who is the former professor of UP who founded the MNLF? Nur Misuari
This leftist group was composed of Muslims who wished to build a separate government called Republic of Bangsamoro. MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front)
When did the MNLF began their attacks? In 1971, where they target Christian Communities in Mindanao
What are the schools that frequently participates in massive rallies and demontrations during the time of Marcos? 1. U.P. (University of the Philippines) 2. P.N.U. (Philippine Normal University) 3. Philippine College of Commerce (now PUP or Polytechnic University of the Philippines)
What does N.U.S.P. stands for? National Union of Students of the Philippines
This group staged a massive rally in front of the House of Representatives building on January 26, 1970. They clamored for a constitutional convention. N.U.S.P. (National Union of Students of the Philippines)
When did the second rally of N.U.S.P. (National Union of Students of the Philippines) happened where four of its protesters died? January 30, 1970
It was the date of the first N.U.S.P. (National Union of Students of the Philippines) rally held in front of the House of Representatives. January 26, 1970
Where did the second rally of N.U.S.P. (National Union of Students of the Philippines) happened where four of its protesters died and marked the start of the First Quarter Storm. Mendiola Bridge
What is Proclamation No. 889? The suspension of the writ of habeas corpus.
Who was alledged to be behind the bombing of plaza miranda? N.P.A.
When did the Plaza Miranda Bombing happened? August 21, 1971
Under Martial Law, President Marcos had the right to create laws through the following: 1. Presidential Decrees 2. General Orders 3. Letters of Instruction
It is one of the first laws Marcos created which authorized the Secretary of National Defense to arrest any person who committed a crime or who is guilty of any act related to rebellion against the government. General Order No.2-A
During the Martial Law, what was the role of President Marcos? 1. President and prime minister 2. Headed the executive and legislative branch of the goverment, and the Cabinet 3. Ruled over the military court
What were the laws enacted by Marcos during the Martial Law? 1. Implementation of curfew hours from 12am to 4am in the morning. 2. Ban on rallies, demonstrations and strikes. 3. Government control over newspapers and radio and television stations to screen news 4. Suspension of overseas work for Filipinos, except f
This party gathered in Quiapo, Manila when a bombing happened in plaza Miranda on August 21, 1971. Liberal Party
Created by: DionneStudystack
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