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PSCI 347: Midterm 2

Attrocities: 100 deadliest episodes in human history

Burma-Siam Wars Burma (Myanmar) invaded Siam (Thailand) to conquer, Siam counter invaded. Both sides were helped with Porteguese mercanaries for weaponry. Bayinnaung (Braginococ) king of burma, laid seige for two years on Siams capital. Installed a new allied Thai king.
French Wars of Religion 3 million. Catholic vs Protestant civil war. Protestant rebellion. Corrupt catholic church cause of $$. Many countries (and monarchs) created new religions to avoid being under the power of the Catholic church. Many Ps fled
French Wars of Religion: Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre Catherine de Medici convinced leaders (King charles, her son) to strike preemptively which triggered a mass reaction throughout Paris and then the other cities in France of the brutal slaughtering of the Protestants ( Huguenots). Pop loss of 20%
Russo-Tatar Wars Crimean Tatars invaded realized it was easy so kept doing it and looting and kidnapping for slavery. They made it to Moscow and caused havok. Bodies piled up in the streets. Ivan swooped in and killed them with 1/2 troops which deterred them for a few yrs
The Time of Troubles: Background info Ivan the terrible was hella scary. He was good while Anatasia was alive cuz love but went cray when she died. empowered a gang of thugs, oprichniki to go around killing and raping. But then he died. Power went to Fedor who was loved, but then he had no bb
The Time of Troubles Dmitri was Fedors younger half brother but was he legit?? Kid got exiled by Fedors BiL. And then got throat slashed but ??. BiL (Boris) took over and then Dmitri came back (fake) x3. Basically a power vacuum, creating wars, boyars, and famine
Thirty Year War (Holy Roman Empire) 7.5 mill. Civil war in Germany btwn Catholics and Protestants. Was not yet a single nation. Austria was the leader of the catholic side, protestant helped by France and Denmark. weaponry had pikes and muskets. Some parts of Germany reduced by >66%.
Collapse of the Ming Dynasty #5- 25 million deaths. Famine, military unit mutinied. Bandit groups infested Chinese foothills, eventually Li Zicheng was crime boss of 3 provinces. Zhang Xianzhong was other bandit leader. made a deal to split china.
Collapse of the Ming Dynasty: P2 Li was marching to capital. The empire was bankrupt from famines, epidemics, bandits, etc. The emperor killed his youngest daughters to prevent them being taken, tried to kill the eldest but cut off her arm. Ended up hanging himself. READ this section.
Cromwell's Invasion of Ireland Ethnic cleansing. English vs Irish. Protestants were slaughtered in prep of an incoming war. Civil war ended, king dead. Cromwell now dictator. Came to Ireland for retaliation. Sieged cities, outlawed catholicism, 40% of land changed hands to eng.
Aurangzeb Muslims vs Hindus. The emperor was sick, eldest son hid it as to avoid panic. Bros panicked and fled and raised armies in other provinces. Dad recovered but sons in open civil war. youngest defeated. 2nd oldest imprisoned by 3rd. 3rd put 1st on trial.
Aurangzeb: P2 1st (Dara) found guilty of being too easy on Hindus and beheaded. 3rd (Aurangzeb) in power now, kept tight leash on children imprisoning them for years. Strict muslim. Demolished hindu cities. Fighting with Decan, Marathas, and Sikhs.
The Great Turkish War Hungary asked Turks for help to drive out Austrians. Turks declared war and sieged Vienna. Turks didn't want to destroy the city so waited out, Austrian hired mercaneries (poland). They attacked turks from rear. Turks blamed Hungary. So they switched side
Peter the Great Modernized Russia, created new capital at Saint Petersburg. No more beards or taxed. He broke up the power of church in Russia. Conscripted, with many wars, when no wars the army would be working. Soldiers died of malnourishment, disease, neglect.
Great Northern War Russia vs Swede, with some Turk involv. Russia seized area by Poland. Everyone wanted to attack Sweden cuz of 16 year old king. He was good at war, war for 21 year. Ultimately lost, took 5 yrs to get home. Sweden only part left of "empire". Russia xpand
War of Spanish Succession Flint muskets. Bayonets used now. Age of Defense, forts star shaped. Inbred king charles (Spain) died, but was sick of jerks so gave the whole country to a French nephew. france was powerful, rest of Europe decided to stop them. Little ground was gained.
War of Austrian Succession No son, died. Prussians used the new female leader as excuse for war. Seized a province. Austria tried to keep away but signed it over. France then came in while Austria was down. Managed to hold their own. All musketeers now, fire and reload together.
Sino- Dzunger War Chinese conquering of Dzungar. More than doubles territory. Qing Dynasty. Genocide of Dzungars. Mongol branch of horse tribes.
7 year War Austria, France and Russia vs Prussia, Britain. Frederick the Great (Prussia) disciplined armies lead by Junkers (aristocracy). Defended off armies, war zigzagged through Europe. Russia closing in, empress die. Pulled out, treaty. WW war. GB in India &NA
Napoleonic Wars French revolution, new france, countries wanted a piece. Nap from Corsica. Took italy, looted, raped, killed. Attacked Egypt, stuck, abandoned troops. Played political system, emperor. Had most of west europe as satellite states. Patriotism, mass fire..
Napoleonic Wars muskets not rifles. Bright colours worn, banners to distnguish. Nap would disrupt the order of the army with artillery and chase with cavalry and break cannons. Many soldiers died of disease. Attacked rus in winter, scorched earth b4 french got there.
Mexican War of Independence Ruled by Spain, when Nap in Spain, Mexico able to revolt. Royalist vs Rebels. N.Am to S.Am almost all became independent. Rebel winner General iturbide declared emperor. Royal: Gen Felix Calleja
Shaka Leather shield and spears used. Sent armies out to kill other tribes and bring back stuff and women. Henry Fynn wrote about Shaka(beetle) as he was in his court. developed odd strict laws on marriage and sex and mourning. Assassinate by half bros
French conquest of Algeria Foreign Legion established. Other nations citizens could join. took control of Algeria. French had empire in Africa (Madagascar, and North East) start of European imperialism in Africa. Algerian natives slaughtered. Agreed to a peace treaty w French rule
Taiping Rebellion 20 million. Qing empire. Hong Xiuquan claimed to be half brother of Jesus. Brought christianity to China. fought the army which was divided by regions. westernized china, matchlock musket. Charles Gordon
Russo-Turkish War Everyone vs Russia. Wanted Constantinople from Ottomans.Turks vs Russians on land. British sent in fleet by black sea to stop Russia, ported and army marched in to seize Russian bases. rifled bullets, percussion lock, and news reporting of war.
Panthay Rebellion Religious differences between Hui and Han. Southern tip of china, bubonic plague killed many. After Taiping rebellion the govt turned and slaughtered the "terrorists"
American Civil War North vs South. Union vs Slave States (Confederation). Weapons: Mortar, Springfield rifled, mussel loaded percussian caps . Still very long for lines of army to shoot over shoulders. South had low pop. Cornerstone in US history.
Hui Rebellion Han (Confucian) vs Hui (Muslim). Chinese peasant revolt. Squashed by general Zuo (Tso) *chicken. Hui leader Ma Hualong
War of the Triple Alliance Paraguay vs Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Francisco Solano Lopez. Pop loss of Paraguay only 221,000 with 28,000 men(half pop loss). Informal polygamy became common. Lost territory to surrounding countries.
Franco-Prussian War War to unite Germany new superpower by Bismarck. Surrounded Paris and waited for govt to give in. Rebels took Paris, Marx loved ,thought start of communism.Squashed by French army.Bolt action, breech loading rifle and cannon, can be loaded lying down.
Famines in British India British kept death records. 1/2 are ruled by Brits, sporadic. Others ruled by Princely states that recognized supremacy of England. Drought, no food, famine. Brits built railways through India to transport food.
Haitian Slave Revolt People scared of what would happen if slaves were freed, Created a larger political division, France freed the slaves as effort to fight against incoming Spainards and Brits. Worked but then Nap put back in slavery and revolt. 2nd nation in CA free
Created by: taykell
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