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TExES History

Government and Citizenship Part 3

The Declaration of Independence (5) written by Thomas Jefferson; July 4, 1776; listed grievances against England; outlines basic human rights; 13 colonies declared their freedom from Britain {Thomas Jefferson Gave Basic Human Rights Declaring Independence}
Basic Human Rights life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
The U.S. Constitution (8) government of the U.S.; "law of the land", 3 branches of government; checks and balances; ratified on 7/12/1788; has 3 parts; replaced Articles of Confederation; strong central government
The Preamble Introduction to the U.S. Constitution; "We the People of the United States of America..."
The Bill of Rights 1791-First 10 Amendments of the Constitution; protects the rights of the people
First 10 Amendments/Bill of Rights RAPPS; bear arms; quartering soldiers,; search /seizure of property; right to a trial if accused; speedy trial; trial by jury; cruel/unusual punishment,; other rights, limit of powers by federal government
How many Amendments in all? 10 + 17= 27 Amendments
Texas Declaration of Independence March 2, 1836; free from Mexico; list of grievances against Mexico
Dictatorship Government form of government with a single ruler (Hitler/Hussein); Kings/Queens
Oligarchy Government small group of people have combined power of a dictator (Russia, China, N.Korea, Venezuela)
Direct Democracy all citizens have power; Switzerland
Representative Democracy citizens participate through representatives through voting (United States, Canada, United Kingdom-Prime Minister)
Totalitarian Government total control over the people's public and private life; government with leaders with strong personalities; Hitler/Nazi Germany, Stalin/Soviet Union; Kim Jong Un/N. Korea
How to Amend the Constitution 2/3 from each state; 2/3 from the House of Representatives; 2/3 vote from the Senate
Plessy vs. Ferguson 1896-racial segregation for public facilities "separate, but equal"' racism
Korematsu vs. United States 1944-Japanese-Americans placed in camps during World War II (war with U.S. against Japan); nativism
Brown vs. Board of Education 1952-1954-established that separate public schools for black and white students was UNconstitutional
Miranda vs. Arizona 1966-to be advised of your rights to remain silent; 5th amendment
Roe vs. Wade 1973-issue of criminalizing or restricting access to abortion; legalizing abortion in all 50 states
Texas vs. Johnson invalidated prohibitions on desecrating the American flag enforced in 48 of 50 states; the right to burn the flag/freedom of speech/expression
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