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5th SS Unit 8

Civil Rights Movement

What court case led to segregation being illegal in public schools? Brown v. Board of Education
Who was the attorney that won the court case Brown v. Board of Education? Thurgood Marshall
What provided protections for people registering to vote? The Voting Rights Act
What was one result of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Jim Crow Laws were made illegal
What was the famous event that happened at the 1963 March on Washington? Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech
What was the result Montgomery Bus Boycott? After many months of protest, segregation was illegal on buses.
What affects did the assassination of Martin Luther King have on the Civil Rights movement? People of all races were very mad and it caused the movement to gain strength.
What was the 24th Amendment? Poll taxes were made illegal.
What president was popular with African Americans because of his involvement with Civil Rights before his assassination? John F. Kennedy
What era can be described because people were upset and many resorted to violence including war protests and assassinations of political leaders? 1960s
What caused inequalities in the South in services (like voting) and facilities (like bathrooms) available to African Americans? Jim Crow laws
Who was the leader that helped farm workers in California fight for equality? César Chavez
How can the right to vote lead to political change? The people in office change and aren't always the same.
What president supported civil rights byappointing the first, Thurgood Marshall, and second, Clarence Thomas, African Americas to the Supreme Court? President Lyndon B. Johnson
What 3 things did César Chavez learn at the CSO? 1. There is power in knowledge 2. There is strength in numbers 3. Real change cannot be achieved through violence.
What 3 rewards were offered to African Americans that joined the Civil Rights Movement marches? 1. Right to vote 2.Desegregation of schools 3.The hopes of equal wages
What previous doctrine was overturned by Brown v. BOE? separate but equal
What were 3 main effects of the Civil Rights? 1. Segregation illegal. 2. African Americans given more access to political processes 3. African Americans gained a new sense of ethnic pride.
What technology made to possible for Americans to see the injustices during the non-violent protests of the Civil Rights movement? television
Created by: tmixon13
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