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7 Hist Ch 15 WS BJU

25% percent of African slaves that died on slave ships before reaching their destination
2000 number of slaves traded before 1600
6000 number of missionaries in mission field by late 1800s
Algeria African country that France invaded and established a colonial empire
American loss of these colonies in the 1700s led the British to expand their exploration
Berlin, Germany location where European countries met in 1885 to divide Africa
British this navy helped in slave trade in Africa
cash crops beeswax, cotton, honey, ivory & palm oil are examples of this kind crop
Colonialism taking over one or more nations by another nation
Crowther First African bishop in the Anglican Church
economic, natiionalistic , religious & racist reasons Europeans colonized Africa
end of slave trade led to peaceful conditions and allowed tribes to settle down rather than migrate
Ethiopia trained a modern army to defend against European invasion
Fante Confederation native preachers and teachers of Africa that promoted working together to maintain self-rule, development of African resources & education for males & females
France country that attacked Samori Ture's empire in West Africa
France country that lost colonies to Englandin the 1700s, suffered defeat by the Germans in 1870, & colonized part of North Africa
Horton man who disproved theory of racial inferiority of blacks
Industrial Revolution created a need for African natural resources
Islam primary religion of Sokoto and Tukulor empires
Italy country Ethiopia stopped from colonizing them
Leopold Belgium imperialist king
Liberia & Ethiopia two countries that avoided European colonization
Livingstone missionary from Britain who explored the Zambezi River
Macemba African who wrote a letter to Germany, rejecting colonization
maxim gun fast firing gun Europeans used to attack the Africans
Menelik Ruler of Ethiopia
Moffat preached in South Africa for 53 years
palm oil export from African used to lubricate industrial machines
phase one phase in which Europeans talked African rulers to sign treaties with them
Portugal one of the first Europeans nations to explore Africa and establish trade posts
Roberts President of Liberia who practiced diplomacy
Sir Richard Burton Explorer who risked his life to find source of the Nile River:
slaves early British trade in Africa mostly involved this
Stanley Reporter who found Livinigstone in Africa
Ture African general of the Wassoulou Empire
wars decrease in slave trade led to decrease in ____________ between African tribes
Yoruba African language Bible was translated to
Created by: Mrs_CC
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