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JoAnn young

Set The place where the film is made, inside or outside workplace (related to setting )
Silent film No sound on film, title cords provide exposition and dialogue
Special effects The illusions, the stunts, the magic that created on film
Studio the company that makes the film, the place where the film is shot
Subtitle the words at the bottom of the screen, translated of the dialogue
synopsis A summary of the film in the present tense
title cards inserted black cards with dialogue or exposition for silent films
vehicle a method or the medium by which an actor actress director producer can showcase talent
Angle the direction, the angel at which the camera is held in relation to the subject, like low angle, high angle, side angle
Cinematography the art of composition for a film, the angle, framing lighting costume etc
Composition the arrangement of people and things for him
Costuming Clothing plus makeup
Direct/direction the way a director puts people and objects on films, movement of the camera, story through a action
framing the way and things (people and objects) fit in the frame
frame Each picture and the aspect ratio,height and width (24 frames per second)
mise-en-scene Everything you see on the film, the setting and the characters
Produce/production put the film together, the business aspect of film making
scene a combination of shots that move the story forward, a segment of narrative
Shot A single piece of film, uncut
Staging decision to move actors and objects, planning
Take records; try to record something on film, an effort to capture a moment of film, film is a collaborative medium
ad lib Improvised speech,(no) go off script
Avant Garde Film genre, experimental, experimental film, new style (artistic people, fashion, architecture)
Creative control A person has decision-making powers for a film (have powers)
Composition the arrangement of objects and people on film
Credits the list of people who contributed to the film, actors, directors, producers and writers
dream sequence a dream that contributes to the narrative, it can provide exposition, information
Documentary A film based on facts, nonfiction
dub provide the language over the original spoken languages, translation
Exposition Information, background (setting) relationships
Extra Background people
Homage/pay homage To pay respect or give credit to someone who comes before
Improvisation Unplanned performance according to the scene
Juxtaposition Just posted, to put one shot (film segment) against another to suggest meaning
Lightning How a shot is lit: low level, bright dim, use of shadows
Lines Dialogue, words for the actors
Mannerism Movement of a body, facial expressions behavior
Melodrama Emotional, sometimes overacting exaggeration of emotions (negative)
mise-en-scene the arrangement of elements on film like lighting, composition, costuming, makeup, movement in the foreground and background
Motif Pattern, style or a repeating, music or image or ideas
Propaganda Political message, political ideology
Props Objects (anything); things in a movie
Experimental film/avant-garde Is an exploration of movies- making techniques, the narrative is not always apparent
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