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Recontruction in TX

7th Grade 4th Nine Weeks Texas History

Provisional temporary government
Reconstruction the reorganization and bringing of the seceded states back into the United States after the Civil War. This period lasted in Texas from April 1865 through March 30, 1870.
Radical Republican a Republican who believed that Congress should direct the Reconstruction and was considered a Northern sympathizer
Pardon official release from punishment of a crime
Black Codes restricted the rights of freed people
13th Amendment banned or abolished slavery
Scalawag a white Southerner who supported the Republic Reconstruction Plan
14th Amendment granted all citizens, including African Americans, rights as citizens
Freedman's Bureau an agency that Congress established to assist formerly enslaved people
15th Amendment guaranteed African American men the right to vote
Ku Klux Klan a post-Civil War secret society of white men that used violence and terror to block the reconstruction process
Carpet Bagger a Northerner in the South after the Civil War working for a Reconstruction government, usually seeking profit or personal gain
19; Granger; Texas; de; in-slaved; free; June-teenth; Texas On June ______, 1865, Union General Gordon ______ took over ______ and issued a ______ that all ______ people were ______. This is known as "______" or "______ Emancipation Day".
Booth; Lincoln; Johnson; President After John Wilkes ______ assassinated President Abraham ______, the Vice President, Andrew ______, became ______.
governments; South; provisional; former; divide; military; general; remain; states; certain All existing_____in the_____are illegal. The creation of a_____ govmnt in the_____Confed states would be established. Congress would____ the area into 5_____districts. An army_____will be in charge and would_____in place until____met____ requirements.
white; oath; United States Adult ______males will take an ______ of loyalty to the ______ ______.
Confederated; officers; pardon ______ officials and ______ had to request a ______.
Created by: SHigh
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