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American Government

Congress Review

How many members currently sit in the House of Representatives? 435
What are the qualifications for a member of the House of Representatives? 25 years old, 7 years U.S. Citizen, and must live in the state when elected
How many members does each state have in the Senate? two
How often are the number of eats in the House of Representatives reapportioned? every ten years
What are the qualifications to be a Senator? 30 years old, 9 years U.S. citizen, and live in the state when elected
Which body has the power to bring charges against elected officials? House of Representatives
What is the name of the power that allows Congress to take private property from citizens? Eminent Domain
What name is the Necessary and Proper Clause also known by? Elastic Clause
What power does Congress have which enables the government to pay for its' expenses? Power of Taxation
Which body has the sole power to approve Presidential appointments? Senate
What percentage of the vote must treaties receive in the Senate to be ratified? 66% or 2/3
Who replaces the President of the Senate in his absence? president pro tempore
What determines the party of the Committee Chairperson? Must be a member of the majority party
How many terms may Congressmen be elected to? unlimited number
What types of compensation do Congressmen receive for their service? $158,100 per year, pension plan, travel allowances
What is one example of a direct tax? income tax, property tax
What is one example of an indirect tax? sales tax, value added tax
What is an example of an expressed power? levying and collecting taxes, trade regulation, establishing and maintaining military, declare war, criteria for citizenship, establish post office
What is an example of an implied power? build and regulate transportation, commerce, sets a federal minimum wage, establishes the United States Air Force, establishes national parks, creates federal laws against pollution.
Who has the sole authority in declaring war? Congress
Without a majority in the electoral college who chosses the President? House of Representatives
Who is the presiding officer of the House of Representatives? Speaker of the House
When are committee chairpersons, whips, and floor leaders chosen? During the Party Caucus
What is the name of the temporary committee established to find specific facts? Select Committee
What is the name of a committee used to iron out differences in a bill passed by both the House and the Senate? Conference Committee
An attempt to "talk a bill to death" is called? filibuster
When are federal elections always held? On the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November
An authors exclusive right to their work is called what? copyright
Give an example of an inherent power? Regulate immigration
What is a strategy used to formally end a filibuster called? cloture rule
What is one thing the House rules committee does? set up conditions for debating a bill, speed up consideration of a bill, prevetn consideration of a bill
How often must Congress formally meet during each term? 2 times
How are each states Representatives determined? population
How long does each session of Congress last? Approximately 1 year
What are the elections held between Presidential elections called? off-year or midterm
What is it called when a district is drawn up to favor one particular party? gerrymandering
What is the name given to a person who seeks to limit Congress to its' expressed powers is called? strict constructionist
Someone who believes in a broad interpretation of the Constitution is called? loose constructionist
What is the name given to the House when it is sitting as a large committee of itself? committee of the Whole
Provision attached to an important measure? rider
What enables members to force a bill out of a committee pigeonhole? discharge petition
With only a fraction of its seats up for election at any one time, the Senate is the sole________in Congress continuous body
Where can a bill originate? House of Representatives or Senate
What committee does a subcommittee report a bill? the Rules Committee
At what point would a bill be placed on one of the House calendars? being reported out of full committee
When is a bill considered by the rules committee? just after the floor debate
How many representatives does Arizona have? 8
Who holds the trial to remove an impeached official from office? senate
How long is a term in the Senate? House? 6 years. 2 Years
Who presides over an impeachment trial? Chief Justice
Political Agenda Issues that people believe require government action.
Cost Burden that people believe they must bear if a policy is enacted.
Benefits Satisfaction that people believe they will enjoy if a policy is adopted.
Majoritarian politics Policy in which almost everybody benefits and everybody pays
Interest group policies one small group benefits, almost everybody pays.
Pork-barrel legislation legislatino that gives tangible benefits
Logrolling Legislator supports a proposal favored by another in return support of his/hers
entrepreneurial politics almost everybody benefits and small group pays
policy entrepreneurs activists of government pull together
process regulation rules government commercial activities improve consumer worker
Created by: johndkram
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