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Review 2: Semester1


androgynous someone who looks both male and female
anthropology the scientific study of people, societies, and cultures
animate living, have energy
inanimate not living, without energy
aquatic living or growing in water
aquarium clear glass or plastic container for fish and other water animals
aqueduct a structure that carries water over a river or valley
aquamarine a greenish blue color
artisan someone who does skilled work with their hands
artifact an object that was made a long time ago, especially one studied by scientists
artificial not made of natural materials or substances, but made by people
articulate able to talk easily, clearly, and effectively communicate about things, especially about difficult subjects
asterisk a mark like a star * used especially to show something important in a document
astronaut someone who travels and works in a spaceship
astrology the study of the movement of the stars and planets and their influence on people and events
astronomer someone who studies the stars and planets
ambulatory able to walk or move
ambulance a special vehicle/car used for taking people who are very sick to the hospital
audience a group of people who watch and listen to a concert
auditory relating to the ability to hear
audio relating to recording and broadcasting sound
audible a sound that is loud enough for someone to hear it
biology the scientific study of living things
autobiography the story of your life, written by yourself
antibiotic a drug used to kill bacteria and cure infections
capital an important city where the main government of a country, or state is
captain someone who leads a group of people
decapitate to cut someone's head off
caption words printed above or below a picture in a book or newspaper to explain what the picture is showing
chronological arranged according to when something happened
chronograph a scientific instrument for measuring and recording periods of time
synchronize to arrange for two or more actions to happen at exactly the same time
chronicle a written record of series of events, especially historical events, written in the order in which they happened
democrat a member or supporter of the Democratic Party of the US
aristocrat someone who belongs to the highest social class
autocratic making decisions and giving orders without their permission
bureaucrat someone who works in a bureaucracy
credit approval or praise for doing something good
incredible extremely good, large, or impressive
credence the acceptance of something as true
credentials something, especially a document, that shows you have earned a particular position, or are legally allowed to do a job
bicycle a vehicle with two wheels that you sit on and make move by pushing its pedals with your feet
cyclone a very strong wind that moves very fast in a circle
encyclopedia a book, set of books, which contains facts about one or many different subjects
unicyclist the person who rides a vehicle that is like a bicycle but has only one wheel
democracy a system of government in which every citizen in the country can vote to elect its government officials
epidemic a large number of cases of a particular infectious disease happening at the same time
demographics information about the people who live in a particular area
pandemic an illness or disease that affects the population of a very large area
dictionary a book that gives a list of words in alphabetical order and explains their meaning in the same or another language
dictate to say words for someone else to write down
predict to say that something will happen before it happens
dictation the act of saying words for someone to write down
doctrine a strong belief or set of beliefs that form an important part of a religion or system of ideas
document to write about something, film or photograph it
doctor someone whose job is to treat people who are sick
doctorate a university degree of the highest level
factory a building, in which goods are produced in large quantities using machines
manufacture to use machines to make goods or materials
sufficient as much as is needed for a particular purpose
efficient something or someone that is efficient works well and effectively, without wasting time, money, or energy
reflex a sudden movement that your muscles make as a natural reaction to a physical effect
reflection an image reflected in a mirror or similar surface
flexible something that can be bent easily
deflect to turning in a different direction
uniform being the same in all its parts or among all its members
transform to completely change the appearance, form, or character of something or someone
reform to start to exist again or to make something start to exist again
platform (for speeches)a raised floor or stage for people to stand on when they are making a speech,performing
fracture something breaks and cracks
fragment a small piece of something that has broken off or that comes from something larger
fraction a small amount of something
faction a small group of people within a large group whom have different opinions from others
geography the study of the countries, oceans, rivers, mountains, cities etc. of the world
geology the study of minerals such as rocks, soil, and minerals
geometry the study in mathematics of the form and relationships of angles, lines, curves, shapes, and solid objects
geopolitical the study of the effects of a country's position,population
generation all people of about the same age
genealogy the study of the history of families
genocide the killing of a entire group of people because of their race or religion in particular
genus a group of animals or plants that are related
telegram a message sent by telegraph
photograph to make a picture of someone or something by using a camera and film sensitive to light
grammar the rules according to which the words of a language change their form and are combined into sentences
biography a book about a particular person's life
hydraulics moved or operated by the pressure of water or other liquids
dehydrate to remove all the water from something such as food or chemicals
hydrant fire hydrant
hydrophobia a technical word for RABIES
judge the official in control of a court who decides how criminals should be punished
justice the system by which people are judged in courts of law an criminals are punished
justify to give a acceptable explanation for something that other people think is unreasonable
judicial relating to a court of law
labor work ,especially work using a lot of physical effort
collaborate to work together with another person or group in order to achieve something
laboratory a special room or building in which scientists do test and research
Labor Day a public holiday in the U.S. and Canada on the first Monday in September
locate to find the exact position of someone or something
location a particular place or position.
allocate to decide officially that a specific amount of money, time, etc should be used for a purpose
local connected either to a particular place or area
dialogue a conversation in a book, play, or movie
prologue the introduction to a play, a long poem
monologue a long speech by one character in a play, movie, or television show
apology to explain, or to defend, to say sorry
illuminate to make a light shine on something,or fill a place with light
lucid express in a way that is easy and clear to understand
translucent not transparent but clear enough to allow light to pass through
illusionary an idea or opinion that is wrong
manual involving the use of the hands
manuscript a book or piece of writing before it is printed
manipulate to make someone do what you want by deceiving or influencing them
command an order that must be obeyed
demand to ask strongly for something
reprimand to tell someone officially that something they have done is very wrong
mandate an official command given to a person or organization to do something
maniac someone who behaves in a stupid or dangerous way
pyromania a mental illness that gives you a strong desire to start fires
maniacal behaving as if you are crazy
meter the basic unit for measuring length in the metric system
centimeter a unit for measuring length
metrics using or relating to the metric system of weights and measures that is based on the meter and the kilogram
thermometer a piece of equipment that measures the temperature of the air, of your body etc.
Created by: MEwald
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