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Reform Movt. 2019

This famous American was a preacher and speaker, as well as a former slave, and is remembered for the Ain't I a Woman speech. Sojourner Truth
This term means "the right to vote". suffrage
This amendment to our Constitution banned slavery in the United States. 13th Amendment
This amendment to our Constitution gave women the right to vote. 19th Amendment
A person who runs away or escapes is called a _____. fugitive
This was a network of paths and trails, and houses for rest and hiding, leading from Southern states to Northern states and Canada. the Underground Railroad
What would an "abolitionist" attempt to do? This person would try to end slavery.
This famous American wrote the "Declaration of Sentiments", which said "all men and women are created equal". Elizabeth Cady Stanton
What was the main purpose of the Fugitive Slave Law? To return escaped slaves to their Southern masters.
This religious group worked closely with abolitionist groups and the Underground Railroad. Quakers
This famous American was perhaps the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman
Why was slavery important to Southern states? Slaves were needed to harvest crops like cotton and tobacco, as well as to perform other tasks.
The 19th amendment became law in this year. 1920
Created by: briansegool