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SS8CG4-SS8CG6 Kayla

Local Government

What is the highest ranking court in the Georgia court system? Supreme Court
How many justices serve on the Georgia state supreme court? Nine
Cases are automatically reviewed by the state supreme court when they deal with the death penalty.
A grand jury in Georgia decides whether or not a person accused of a crime should be charged and stand trial for that crime.
What is a trial jury? A group of citizens who are charged with judging a person charged with a crime.
`What are civil cases? disputes between two or more persons or groups.
What are criminal cases? Cases involving violations of the law.
Which is NOT a criminal charge? Rape Divorce Robbery Murder Divorce
What is the person or group who brings the legal action called? The Plaintiff
What are the most serious criminal crimes called? Felonies
Which is NOT a method of solving conflicts peacefully? War Meditation Compromise Collaboration War
What are counties? Subdivisions of the state to set up to carry out certain governmental functions.
What is a municipality? A city with its own government.
What are the most common forms of city government? The mayor-council form, the council-manager form, and the commission form.
Delinquent juveniles are those who are under seventeen years of age and who commit
A juvenile in Georgia is one who is under the age of 17.
What are Georgia's "Seven Deadly Sins"? adult crimes that can lead to seven different types of penalties
Which is considered one of Georgia's "Seven Deadly Sins" when committed by a 16-year-old? murder shoplifting murder
county board of education airport authority port authority These are examples of what type of government? special-purpose
What Georgia city has the largest population? Atlanta
Created by: kayla0115
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