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3rd 9 weeks Exam RVW

Thomas Jefferson Third president of the US
Zebulon Pike Explorer who went to present day Colorado and helped map the Louisiana Territory's western boarder
Northwest Passage water route across North America
Osceola Native American leader that led a resisting group in Florida
spoils system Rewarding friends and supporters with government jobs
relocate To move to another place
Seminole The name of the Native American tribe in Florida that resisted forced removal to Indian Territory in Oklahoma.
mudslinging A tactic in political campaigns where candidates engage in gossip and lies
Indian Removal Act Act of Congress, pushed by Jackson, that allowed the federal government to pay the Native Americans to move to Indian Territory in present day Oklahoma
Trail of Tears Brutal forced removal of the Cherokee tribe from Georgia to Indian Territory in modern day Oklahoma
The Forty-Niners Fortune seekers who came to California during the Gold Rush seeking riches
Mountain Men Adventurers and explorers in the west that lived in the wilderness, usually involved in the fur trade and opening up trails for settlers moving west
Polygamy The idea that a man could have multiple wives
Manifest Destiny Phrase made popular by John O’Sullivan, meaning it was America’s obvious fate to spread across North America
Second Great Awakening a period from 1790-1830 when Americans would travel great distances to hear preachers and ideas about Christianity
Horace Mann Education reformer; believed that education was a key to wealth and economic opportunity for all
Utopia a community based on a vision of a perfect society
civil disobedience to disobey unjust laws
Dorothea DIx prison/asylum reformer
abolitionist a person who favored the end of slavery
American Colonization Society wanted to send free slaves to Liberia
Harriet Beecher Stowe famous abolitionist who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
Underground Railroad series of passages to help slaves escape from the south to Canada
Seneca Falls Convention First women's rights convention
Declaration of Sentiments AKA Seneca Falls Declaration, advocated for women's rights; modeled after the Declaration of Independence
Suffrage the right to vote
Elizabeth Blackwell achieved fame as a female doctor
Embargo prohibiting trade with another country
Impressment capturing US sailors and forcing them to work for Great Britain
James Madison President during War of 1812
Eli Whitney pioneered the use of interchangeable parts; invented the cotton gin
Daniel Boone helped widen Native American trails, making it easier for Americans to travel west
Sectionalism differences in different parts of the country
Gibbons v. Ogden Supreme Court ruled that only Congress has the power to regulate interstate commerce
Adams Onis- Treaty The treaty that resulted in Spain giving Florida to the US
Monroe Doctrine warning by President Monroe to European powers to stay out of the Americas
Spoils System the practice of replacing current government employees with supporters and friends of the winning candidate
Indian Territory present day Oklahoma
Created by: Mrs.Vermette