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TExES History

Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion "Manifest Destiny"-the idea that they are destined by God to encompass the land from the east to the west along the Pacific Ocean
The Louisiana Purchase 1803-purchased by Thomas Jefferson from Napoleon Bonaparte from France; land West of the Mississippi
Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804-1806-mapped much of the west of the U.S.; traded with the Native Americans; explored water routes using much of the Missouri River; paved the way for the westward expansion
Sacajawea 1805-Shoshone Native American who served as an interpreter, guide, and peacemaker for Lewis and Clark during their expedition
Florida Purchase 1819-Florida is purchased from Spain
The Trail of Tears and Resettlement of the Native Americans 1830-1832-removal of 5 Civilized Tribes from Florida to Oklahoma reservations; many Native Americans died along the way due to harsh conditions
States joining the Union Texas (1845), parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon Territory (1846)-Oregon, Washington, Idaho, most of Montana
Mexican-American War 1848-Mexico vs. U.S.; U.S. acquires California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada
Mexican Land Purchase 1853-U.S. buys southern part of New Mexico and Arizona
Homestead Act of 1862 settlers who lived and farmed on the land for 5 years could own it
Russian Purchase 1867-Alaska is bought from Russia
Hawaii 1898-annexed to the U.S.
Modes of transportation during the Westward Expansion wagon trains, stagecoach, Pony Express, canals, railroads
Immigration and Diffusion people moving from one region to another; cultures/ ideas/innovations are shared by different groups of people
Texas Revolution 1820-1840 Texas against Mexico to gain their independence
Stephen F. Austin 1821-"Father of Texas" brought white, American settlers to Texas
Battle of Gonzalez 1835-"Come and Take It" began the Texas Revolution
Texas' Declaration of Independence 1836-Texas declares their independence from Mexico
The Battle of the Alamo 1836-5,000 Mexican soldiers killed over 186 Texans, including James Bowie, Davy Crockett, William Travis (commander of the Alamo), William Lamar; "Remember the Alamo"
Massacre at Goliad 1836--300-400 Texans were taken prisoners and later paraded through the streets and killed
Battle of San Jacinto 1836-Sam Houston defeats Mexican General Santa Ana de Lopez with a surprise attack
Santa Ana de Lopez Mexican General during the Texas Revolution; later became President of Mexico
The Republic of Texas 1836-Texas becomes a Republic meaning it is an independent country; wrote the Texas Constitution
Texas joins the Union after 9 yrs. of being independent Texas joins the Union for protection against Mexico returning to attempt to defeat them
Sam Houston First General of the Texas army; first President of the Republic of Texas; defeated Mexican General Santa Ana at the Battle of San Jacinto
The Mexican War 18846-1848 Mexico against the U.S.; Mexico didn't want Texas to join the Union, there were disputes about which river would be the southern border; U.S. wanted more land and Mexico didn't want to sell
Results of the Mexican War The Rio Grande River became the river that bordered U.S. and Mexico (not the Nueces River); Mexico sold California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona,and Colorado; U.S. size and power increased
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