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ancient rome+greece

abby's stuff

The Ancient Greeks were Europe's first great phylosophers, historians, poets, and writers
Who had the right to vote in Greece? Only free born males whose fathers held Athenian citizenship were considered citizens and had the right to vote
was the most important city-state in the Greek Empire. Athens
Describe the Golden Age of Athens. During this period, the arts, literature, and philosophy had flourished in Greece.The Greeks studied plants, animals, and the human body and as a result developed ways of thinking that still influence life today
what was the most important idea that the Greeks left us with? Democracy- a kind of government in which citizens, not the king or other ruler govern themselves
what is and Empire? An empire is a collection of lands ruled by a single government
Fighting between the ___________ and the _______________ led to the down fall of the Greek Empire. Romans;Carthaginians
By 146 BC, the Romans destroyed the city of _________, making Greece into a province of _____________. Corinth;The Roman Empire
The center of the Greek Empire was in what modern day European nation? Greece
The Ancient Romans came up with a system of __________ written law
_______ was the main religion in the Roman Empire, though it took__________ years for it to take hold in the Empire. Christianity;300
The center of the Roman Empire was in what modernday European nation? Italy
__________and_____invaders from Central Europe broke through Roman lines of defense, terrorizing and looting Rome. German; Goth
Invaders ultimately overthrew the Roman Emperor is what year? 476 A.D.
The term Middle Ages refers to the time between ______________ Ancient and Modern Times
Describe life following the collapse of the Roman Empire? It was very chaotic because roman law no longer applied since there was no emperor to enforce it
Why was the Roman Catholic Church so important to so many people during the Middle Ages? It helped regain control over the region
What are the three ways Europe changed after the Middle Ages as the centuries passed? Trade increased; Business opportunities arose for the people in towns; Towns grew to cities
Democracy a kind of government in which the citizens, not the king or rulers, govern themselves
Alexander the Great He helped spread the ideas of the Greeks throughout the known world
Macedonia located in Northern Greece
Feudalism a political system in which land was owned by a king, but held by nobles in reeturn for their loalty
King/Lord The king held the high position; to maintain control of his country, he needed knights and soldiers to build an army...
Noble/Vassal Nobles provided the king with knights and soldiers for his army; in return for their help and unconditional loyalty, the king gave the nobles a large piece of land as a reward, but the Nobles needed people to tend and take care of the land...
Serf/Peasant Nobles gave peasants the right to work their land in exchange for the larger portion of crops and any income from the land. In return, the nobles would maintain order enforce laws, and protcet the peasants. Serfs weren't free people they were bound to the
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