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Life in Nazi Germany

What were the Nuremburg Laws of 1935? Laws made against Jews. Took away their German citizenship and forbade marriages between Jews and Non-Jews.
What were some of the ways Jews were treated under Hitler? By 1934 Organized a boycott of Jewish businesses, Jews were fired, had to wear a yellow star to identify themselves, segregation on trains and buses.
What was the "Night of the Broken Glass"? Jewish shop keepers had their shop windows smashed and contents stolen; Jewish homes and synagogues went up in flames. Dozens of Jews were killed and thousands arrested. Jews fined and made to cleanup. This event marked a major increase in Nazi violence
How did school change once Hitler took over? Textbooks were re-written to make Nazis look good, teachers had to teach the Nazi ideals.
What is indoctrination? Exposing people to limited information in order to make individuals share a certain set of beliefs.
Describe the Hitler Youth Movement. Hard physical training, camping and fighting skills taught, stresse loyalty to Hitler and trained them in military skills.
What were the 3 Cs? Children, Church, and Cooking
What was the German woman's role? Focus on creating a family with as many children as possible. Minimum was set at four children.
What were the restrictions on German woman? Not allowed to work outside the home, they could only wear certain types of clothes, hair had to be worn in a bun or braids, not allowed to wear make-up.
What did Hitler think about religion? He set up his own church "National Reich Church", Bible and religious objects were removed, Mein Kampf was the only book allowed.
What was the KDF? Means "Strength through Joy" and was created to control and organize people's free time.
What was the idea behind KDF? People with nothing to do would get bored and frustrated. Happy people would be more likely to work hard at their jobs and more loyal to the government.
What activities were organized by the KDF? Cruises, various vacations, sports, trips to the theater and opera. Also provided cheap cars.
What did the number 3,740 represent? The number of hours for free time.
What is the purpose of propaganda? Propaganda is used to persuade people, it's part of indoctrination.
How are propaganda and censorship related? Censorship limits access to "undesirable" information while propaganda feeds "targeted" information.
Created by: Barbara Conway



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