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West Africa Vocab

West Africa Rubric Vocab- Howard- 7th Grade

Trade Route A known path that people travel on to trade goods.
Natural Resource Resource that we use that comes from the earth or nature.
Sahara Desert A large desert in Northwest Africa.
Sahel Area of semi-desert underneath the Sahara. Has enough water for short grasses and a few shrubs.
Savanna Large grassland area found in hot dry places. Has long rainy seasons. The tall grass and water is good for growing cattle and herd animals.
Tribute A payment made from one ruler or country to another for protection or as a sign of submission.
Wangara Gold mining city in southern West Africa.
Taxes A specific amount paid to an authority or a monarchy in exchange for safe passage, or the trading of goods.
Population Growth The birth rate in relation to the death rate.
Extended Families An immediate family with other close relatives or other close immediate families related to them.
Kingdom of Ghana One of the first Kingdoms that rose to power because of the Trans-Saharan Trade.
Government The creation of rules, keeping peace, and providing people's needs.
Trans-Saharan trade The trade between the people above below and in the Sahara. Mostly gold and salt.
Monarchy The form of government with one leader at its head in charge of the decisions. Usually father to son.
Taghaza A city in the desert that mines a lot of salt. The main salt mine in West Africa
Traditional Economy Provide all their needs themselves.
Command Economy Government makes all the decisions.
Mixed Economy Both Command and Market economies are present in one.
Market Economy Economy based on the relationship between the consumers and the producers.
Human-Environment Interaction The two way relationship between the people and their environment
Created by: LydiaF.
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