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Clendenny 7 Soc Stud

Texas and the Alamo

Lone Star Republic A nickname for Texas after it won its independence from Mexico.
Impresarios The name of agents given large land grants by the Mexican government, who then travel to the United States to recruit new settlers.
Battle of San Jacinto The final battle for Texas independence from Mexico where Sam Houston led a surprise attack against Santa Anna’s army and was victorious.
Tejanos Mexicans who lived in Texas.
General Santa Anna Mexican leader who came to power in 1833 and ruled as a military dictator for over two decades.
Stephen Austin An impresario who recruited over 300 families to relocate to Texas, and gained great influence both with the Mexican government and with Texan settlers.
Sam Houston Texan politician, soldier and president of the Texas Republic, who was victory at the Battle of San Jacinto thus securing Texas independence from Mexico.
The Alamo Following a 13-day siege, Mexican troops under General Santa Anna attacked this Spanish church near San Antonio, killing all of the Texan defenders
Davy Crockett A famous frontiersmen, and Texan defender who was killed at the battle of the Alamo.
Miguel Hidalgo A Catholic priest who launched the Mexican War of Independence from Spain on September 16, 1910.
Manifest Destiny A belief during the 19th century that the United States had a right and a duty to spread its rule all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
Gadsden Purchase The United States agreed to pay Mexico $10 million for this strip of land in present day Arizona and New Mexico.
Bear Flag Republic The name given to the new nation of northern California when it gained its independence from Mexico on June 14, 1846.
Mexican- American War A conflict arising over the annexation of Texas, between Mexico and America, which lasted two years and resulted in Mexico losing one third of its territory.
Chapultepec A castle on the outskirts of Mexico City where Mexican soldiers made a heroic last stand to protect their capital from invasion.
Annex To seize of take possession of. The United States did this with the Texas Territory.
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