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Chapter 4, PH AHON, Life in the colonies

Magna Carta created Trial by Jury
Zenger case helped establish freedom of the press
Navigation Acts supported Mercantilism
John Locke and Baron de Montesqueu Enlightenment thinkers
Dame schools Opened by colonial women to teach reading and writing.
Slave codes were meant to prevent Slave revolts
The trip for slaves across the Atlantic Middle Passage
Slaves were _____________ to plantation owners Auctioned
Slaves on rice plantations spoke __________. Gullah
Large families were an _________ Advantage
Few and powerful Gentry
English Bill of Rights 1689, William and Mary
Right to vote in the colonies White men
Getting around the Navigation Acts Smuggling
Childcare and domestic duties Girls
Men learned a trade by being an Apprentice
Lower class colonists Could acquire property and move up the social scale.
Plantation System led to growth in Southern Slavery
Slave codes Allowed for killing of slaves
Education of Gentry Private tutors.
Pennsylvania Gazette Ben Franklin
Magna Carta Limited Kings power
Colonial public schools included Religion
Colonists started working at age 7
Poor Richards Almanack Ben Franklin
Indentured servants were paid ___ Nothing
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