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Medieval West Africa

Trade Route Roads/routes that villagers, merchants etc. go to trade/shop. They trade gold or goods for other gold or goods.
Natural Resource Things that aren't man-made. Produced naturally by the Earth.
Sahara Desert Spreads across approximately 3,500,000 square miles in North Africa and the northern part of West Africa. Sand dunes cover one quarter, also has bare, rocky plains and even mountains. Very dry except for some scattered oases. Not suitable for living.
Sahel South of the Sahara is a zone of semi-desert. Not as dry as the Sahara. It has enough water for short grasses and some small bushes and trees to survive.
Savanna An area of tall grasses and scattered trees. It has a long rainy season. Rivers like the long Niger River help make nearby land fertile and also provide fish for eating.
Tribute A payment made by one ruler or country to another for protection or as a sign of submission
Taxes Fees collected by the government in order to keep your house and stay in the country
Population Growth When the amount of people in a place start to grow
Extended Families Includes close relatives such as grandparents as well as aunts, uncles, and their children
Kingdom of Ghana Lasted from sometime before 500 c.E. until its final collapse in the 1200s. It arose in the semi-dry Sahel and eventually spread over the valley between the Senegal and Niger Rivers.
Government The ruling body in a state or country
Trans-Saharan trade Travel across the Sahara
Monarchy A form of government where one person is the head of the government.
Wangara Located near the forests south of Ghana, but no one except the people knew exactly where.
Taghaza A village where salt mines were located
Market Economy What the consumers want the producers will make. It is a relationship of supply and demand.
Mixed Economy Command+Market=Mixed . The government+supply and demand= Mixed Economy
Command Economy The government controls what goods are being produced, how much is being produced, and what prices the goods will be sold for
Traditional Economy Depends on agriculture . Sell what people live by. Fishing, hunting, gathering, or some combination of the above. They use barter instead of money.
Human Environment Interaction Humans affect the environment and the environment affects humans
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