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West African Trade

West Africa Trade

This greatly helped trade and farming Iron tools
How did many trading villages turn into cities Cities made money by charging for trade and eventually gained enough money to buy large city buildings.
Trade Route In West Africa, the Niger river as well as others were used to travel
Natural Resource
Sahara Desert A desert that spreads across approximately 3.5 million square miles in North Africa and the Northern part of south Africa. It has sand dunes rocky plains and mountains. It also has a lot of salt.
Sahel A semi desert located south of the Sahara desert. It has a small supply of water which allows a bit of plant life. Savanna
Savanna A place with tall grass and scattered trees. It has a long rainy season which allows the growth of many crops.
Tribute A payment made by one ruler or country to another for protection or as a sign of submission.
Population Growth
Extended Families A immediate family (Parents of their children) plus other close relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Kingdom of Ghana The kingdom of Ghana was ruled by a powerful king who was the head of the army and had the final say in justice. On top of religion he also collected all gold nuggets found.
Government Most West African kingdoms were ruled by a king, who was the head of the people, their religion and their army. The king had to pay tribute.
Trans-Saharan trade The trade of goods in the north such as salt copper and cowrie for goods in the southern forests such as kola nuts, hides, leather goods, ivory, slaves and gold.
Monarchy The form of government in West Africa in which a king is th ruler.
Wangara A place located near southern Ghana which had a pletiful amount of gold. The location of the gold had never been revealed.
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