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Anatomy of Nazism

Economic & Political Trouble, Rise of Nazism, Beer Hall Putsch, A New Strategy,

What were the main economic issues for Germany? German money was worthless, prices of goods skyrocketed, and unemployment went up
What was the value of a dollar before WWI in Germany? $1 = 4 German marks
What was the value of a dollar after WWI in Germany? $1 = 4,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) German marks
What type of government was Germany forced to give up after WW1? Monarchy with a Kaiser (King)
What type of government was Germany forced to change to after WW1? Democratic Republic (known as the Weimar Republic)
What is the "stab in the back" theory? Leaders of the Weimar Republic worked with Germany's enemies during the war to bring down the monarchy in order to gain control of the government.
After WWI the German government kept printing more and more money. What impact did this have? Money became worthless.
What impact did the world wide depression have on Germany's unemployment? 1929 - 2,000,000; 1931 - 4,500,000; 1933 - 6,000,00 So from 1929 to 1933 unemployment tripled.
The result of the German government putting more and more money into circulation caused prices to skyrocket. This is known as skyrocket (known as inflation)
Why was the Weimar Republic weak from the very beginning? The system was forced on the nation; Germans had no experience with democracy
What made it possible for the Nazi party to grow and eventually seize control of the government? Political and economic turmoil gripping Germany in the early 1930's
How large was the Nazi party when Hitler joined? Less than 10 members
What kind of speeches did Hitler give? Hysterical, animated speeches, often waving his arms frantically and pounding on tables. He would tell people what they wanted to hear. Hitler would offer simple answers to Germany's multitude of problems.
What percentage of the German people belonged to the Nazi Party? 10% or 6,600,000 members Total population of Germany around 66,000,000
What is scapegoating? Blaming innocent people or groups for problems
What were some of Hitler's promises? More land, a nation of "pure blooded" Germans, protection against communism, and the return of a strong military.
What was the name of the event in which Hitler tried unsuccessfully to overthrow the government? The Beer Hall Putsch
What happened to Hitler after the Beer Hall Putsch? Arrested, put on trial and convicted of treason.
What book did Hitler write while in prison? Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
After the attempt to overthrow the government didn't work, what strategy did the Nazi party take? Made an effort to win elections under Germany's new republic system of government.
What is the Reichstag? The German Legislature (like our Congress)
Hitler was placed in what position by President Hindenburg? Chancellor
What kind of power did Hitler have as chancellor? The chancellor was second only to the president in the government. (Like the Vice President of the U.S.)
Why did Hindenburg appoint Hitler chancellor? He believed that he could control Hitler and use the Nazi party to return order to the Reichstag.
How did Hitler get all the power? Nazis controlled the Reichstag and voted to give Hitler dictatorial powers.
What happened to elections once Hitler and the Nazis gained control? Elections were fixed. People could only vote for Nazis.
What aspects of a person's life did the Nazis control? Labor, business, agriculture, the military,education, children, women, religion, and the courts.
Created by: Barbara Conway
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