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US-Slavery in Consti

Study Guide for "Slavery in the Constitution"Notes Test

The Declaration of Independence was written in what year? 1776
The Articles of Confederation were adopted in what year? 1781
The Constitution was adopted in what year? 1789
The Missouri Compromise became a law in what year? 1820
The Compromise of 1850 became a law in what year? Try not to hurt yourself thinking too hard about this one! 1850
The Fugitive Slave Act became a law in what year? 1850 (it was a part of the Compromise of 1850)
Uncle Tom's Cabin was published in what year? 1852
The Republican Party was created in what year? 1854
The Kansas-Nebraska Act became a law in what year? 1854
Bleeding Kansas was between the years of... 1854-1861
Senator Charles Sumner was beaten on the floor of the Senate in what year? 1856
The Supreme Court issued the Dred Scott Decision in what year? 1857
John Brown's raid on the arsenal at Harper's Ferry took place in what year? 1859
Lincoln's election as president took place in what year? 1860
How many times does the topic of slavery show up in the Constitution? three times
What clause in the Constitution talks about counting slaves as 3/5 of a whole person when it comes to deciding how representatives will be divided up? Enumeration Clause (Article 1, Section 1-2)
According to the Constitution, Congress could not stop the importing of slaves until what year? 1808
What clause in the Constitution talks about runaway slaves and how their masters can reclaim them? Fugitive Slave Clause (Article 4, Section 2, Clause 3)
How many times is slavery mentioned in our first Constitution, the Articles of Confederation? None "A Big Fat Zero"
How many times is slavery mentioned in the Declaration of Independence? None
Why is slavery not mentioned in the Declaration of Independence? They never allowed Jefferson's paragraph on
What was unusual about Abraham Lincoln's victory in the 1860 Presidential election? Lincoln won without getting a single Electoral vote from the South
Why did John Brown raid the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry? He was going to give the guns to slaves so they could rebel against their owners.
What happened to John Brown at Harper's Ferry? He was captured, tried, found guilty, and executed.
What was the Northern reaction to John Brown's actions that upset Southerners? Many Northerners saw Brown as a hero for doing what he did.
In the Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court ruled that slaves... were property and had no rights.
The Dred Scott decision by the Supreme Court said what about slavery. Congress had no power to prohibit slavery. The Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional because it prohibited slavery.
What was the main topic of Charles Sumner's speech in the Senate that got him into trouble? Bleeding Kansas
Besides telling about Kansas, Senator Sumner also criticized... pro-slavery Senators, especially Sen. Andrew Butler.
Who defended Senator Butler and beat Senator Sumner on the floor of the Senate until he was unconscious? Representative Preston Brooks
Who rushed to Kansas to vote in the election to decide whether, or not, Kansas would become a slave or free state? pro-slavery settlers (mainly from Missouri) anti-slavery settlers
Did the results of this election in Kansas put an end to the violence? No! Both sides continued to fight over the results of the election.
Bleeding Kansas was a preview for... the Civil War that was to come.
Where is the famous mural about John Brown by John Steuart Curry painted? In the Kansas State Capitol Building
Who proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Sen. Stephen Douglas (Illinois)
Sen. Douglas came up with the idea that the people of territory should be able to vote and decide whether the territory should allow slavery, or not. He called this idea of the people voting... Popular Sovereignty
What previous law did the Kansas-Nebraska Act overturn by allowing slavery north of 36°30’ line of latitude in the Louisiana Purchase? Missouri Compromise
The Republican Party was created because of what issue? Slavery
What did the Republican Party want to do about slavery? Ban it from spreading to new territories
How successful were the Republicans in their first election in 1854? Very Successful They won control of the House of Representatives.
What book did Harriet Beecher Stowe write? Uncle Tom's Cabin
Why was Uncle Tom's Cabin such a powerful book against slavery? It described slavery as cruel and inhumane
How many copies of Uncle Tom's Cabin sold in the first year? 300,000
What two parts of the Compromise of 1850 benefitted the North? California was admitted as a free state. The slave trade was abolished in Washington, D.C.
What two parts of the Compromise of 1850 benefitted the South? Slavery in the New Mexico and Utah territories would be decided by popular sovereignty. The Fugitive Slave Law was strengthened.
How many parts were there to the Compromise of 1850? Five (four important ones and a minor one about a border dispute)
Southerners liked the Fugitive Slave Act because to forced Northerners to... recognize the "property rights" of Southerners
What was the actual result of the Fugitive Slave Act on most Northerners? it turned them against slavery
Northerners were against the Fugitive Slave Act because it required what two things of people? required everyone to help catch runaway slaves anyone who helped runaways could be fined or jailed
How many parts were there to the Missouri Compromise? three
How did the Missouri Compromise preserve the balance between free and slave states in the Senate? Missouri was admitted as a slave state Maine was admitted as a free state
What did the Missouri Compromise say about the Louisiana Purchase? prohibited slavery north of the 36°30’ line of latitude
What is the correct chronological order for these three events: Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Declaration of Independence? Declaration of Independence (1776) Articles of Confederation (1781) Constitution (1789)
What is the correct chronological order for these three events: Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Missouri Compromise Missouri Compromise (1820) Compromise of 1850 Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)
What is the correct chronological order for these three events: Charles Sumner beaten on the floor of the Senate, John Brown raided Harper's Ferry, Lincoln elected President Charles Sumner beaten on the floor of the Senate (1856) John Brown raided Harper's Ferry (1859) Lincoln was elected President (1860)
What is the correct chronological order for these four events: Fugitive Slave law passed, Dred Scott decision, Uncle Tom's Cabin published, Republican Party formed Fugitive Slave law passed (1850) Uncle Tom's Cabin published (1852) Republican Party formed (1854) Dred Scott decision (1857)
Created by: ColbyHistory
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