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Hitler Biography

Adolf Hitler was born in this country? Austria
Adolf Hitler served in WWI and earned what rank? Corporal
What military honor did Hitler receive from the German Army in WWI? Iron Cross
What did Hitler like to do in his free time as a young man? Reading and listening to operas dealing with German mythology.
The beliefs of Adolph Hitler and his followers. Nazism
Name of Adolf Hitler's book written in jail after the failed Beer Hall Putsch; combining elements of autobiography with an exposition of Hitler's political ideology of Nazism. Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
What were some life changing events in Hitler's life? Abusive father, mother's death, death of siblings, obsession with war, rejection from art school, Germany's defeat in WWI, homelessness
Describe Hitler's family life. Poor, abusive, dysfunctional
How would others describe Hitler? Odd, moody and easily angered
What kind of a student was Adolf Hitler in elementary school? He received good grades during elementary school.
In his personal life, Hitler blamed the Jews for Rejection from art school, as well as the death of his beloved mother (her doctor was reportedly Jewish)
Why did Hitler end his life by suicide? To avoid capture at the hands of advancing Russian and American troops
What injury did Hitler incur while serving in WWI? Temporary blindness from a poison gas attack
Created by: Barbara Conway



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