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Unit 6 SS

What is the bill of rights List of rights and freedoms that the government promises to respect
What are the five things the first amendment says Freedom of speech freedom of liberty freedom of religion freedom of the press freedom to petition the government
What is an inauguration Hey Sarah Moni in which the president officially takes the oath of office
What is the cabinet The members of the cabinet give the president advice
National debt National debt is the amount of money a country owe
What is a precedent And example set for future generations
What is the whiskey rebellion The whiskey rebellion occurred in 1791 Congress agreed to put an exercise tax on whiskey 95 it’s on playing to Tastemade their whiskey too expensive and if used to pay the tax ultimately thousands of farmers in western Pennsylvania much do the Pittsburgh
Who is George Washington Which Washington is the first president of the United States of America president for two terms establish important precedents
What precedents did George Washington set Choosing to be called president choosing to have a cabinet only serving two terms in office coaching America to file for you and policies of actions and stand and avoid becoming involved in European affairs warning against the dangers of spirits a party b
What is Washington’s farewell address Speech made by Washington as he was leaving office of presidency in it he won the Americans have two problems and threats that he word would impact impact the United States
What were the two things George Washington feared that would impact the United States Washington feared that European affairs and spirits a party would impact the United States
Who is the Federalist party The Federalist party was there by Alexander Hamilton first believed any loops interpretation of the Constitution the favorite diva use of the last because they think that only the best people they met Rich and well educated people should rule the country
What did the federalist want the economy to be based on The federalist wanted economy be based on alga culture
The democratic republican party Wanted the exact opposite of the Federalist party
What is the elastic clause A clause in the US Constitution that allows the federal government to make all laws that are necessary and proper for the government to efficiently carry out its responsibilities
What is a protective tariff A tax added onto goods imported into the country the purpose of a protective tariff is to protect the US is foreign goods higher than the cost of the Domestic goods
What is foreign policy Policy refers to the actions and standards that a nation takes in relation to other nations
Who is Alexander Hamilton George Washington secretary of treasure leader of federalist party played a large role in illuminating the countries national debt.
What was Alexander Hamilton‘s plan and getting rid of the countries national debt First he wanted to buy up all the bonds and then sell new bat you want to country to pay off the debts and by the individual states but in our order to accomplish this he needed to have a north and south agree on a compromise move the capital from north t
Who is Thomas Jefferson George Washington secretary of state leader of the democratic republican party vice president under John Adams author of the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions firm supporter of the states rights dairy Jefferson firmly believe that the government should be
What is isolationism A foreign policy where a country isolate is self from affairs of other nations there are no allies is no commitments and no agreements made
What is the neutrality Issued by George Washington in 1793 in a he states the US would not support either France or Britain in their war it also for breed Americans from eating or helping either side in anyway however did state that Americans could still trade with both nations
What is Jay’s Treaty After Britain sees more than 250 American ships training with France Americans want to go to well bred Washington thought that the US was too weak to fight so he sent chief justice John Jay to Britain for peace talks the resulting treaty was called Jay St
Who was John Adams The vice president under George Washington second president of United States of America and only serve for one member of the Federalist party president during the XYZ affair in an attempt to avid war with France ships Adam sent American diplomats to try
What does unconstitutional mean A violation of or something that goes against the constitution
What were the alien and sedition acts Yes passing the president of John Adams the cloud aliens are not American citizens to ask her to part first but I had to do with aliens first act increase the time it took for immigrants to become a citizen from five years to 14 this laminate to keep news
What were Virginia and Kentucky resolutions Written by Thomas Jefferson and Jen James Madison passed a response to the alien and sedition acts do you are viewed this addition us as an attack on the right of citizens and aliens since the federal government was a voice news is Jefferson urged the sta
What is the states rights Theory If that states had the power to declare the works of the law unconstitutional a constitutional
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