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Westward Movement 5

Westward expansion

Why did native Americans go to war? To fight for their land against U.S. government and pioneers
Why did the cattle drives end? Transcontinental railroad expanded and farmers blocked their path with barbed wire fences
Why did U.S. government relocate native Americans? They wanted land for pioneers and gold miners.
Why were native Americans upset because settlers on the plains were killing the buffalo? Because Native Americans used all parts of the buffalo for food, clothes and shelter. Pioneers used them only for food and ruined their habitat.
What are some obstacles and challenges for people moving west? Insects, terrain, Native Americans and diseases
What are the technological advancements of the time and what were they used for? Windmill- water and power. Steel plow Reaper- harvesting crops. Barbed wire, transcontinental railroad, telegraph
What was the main purpose of the Homestead Act? To encourage pioneers to move west
What were some of the economic reasons for pioneers moving west? No restriction/pay for land, mining and fur trade, farmers and ranchers
What were some positive impacts of the Transcontinental Railroad to the U.S. as a whole? Helped trade and economy growth
Why did the Exodusters settle in the west? Better opportunity and get away from discrimination
Name two groups of people that cooperated during the westward expansion. Ranchers and Cowboys. Chinese and Central Pacific. European and farmers. Pioneers and U.S. Government
Why did native Americans and U.S. Government go to war? Native Americans wanted their land and U.S. Was only giving them reservations
What paths did pioneers use to travel west? Native American trails
What guaranteed 160 acres to the head of household for 10 dollars if the were willing to farm the land for 5 years? Homestead Act
What is the Transcontinental Railroad? Railroad that went from California to Nebraska. Good because it went from east to west easier
Describe the relationship between prospectors in California Conflict, they were competing for gold and silver
Conflict or Cooperation: Central Pacific railroad ( West Coast RR) Asian workers(mostly Chinese immigrants) Conflict: Didn't treat immigrants equal Cooperation: Chinese got jobs when railroad was done
Conflict or Cooperation: U.S. Government and Mexican Americans Conflict: U.S. Was taking the land they had owned for generations and earned through war .
Describe the weather of the Great Plains. Unpredictable, swarms of grasshoppers when hot, snow, tornados, lightning, dry and floods in the spring
How did the Native Americans way of life change? Lost food source, forced to live on reservations, wasn't familiar with the land
How did the transcontinental railroad help farmers in the West? Transport and sell goods all over the country