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Ch. 4 Test Rev.

Texas History Chapter 4

What was the goal of the mission-presidio system? To keep control of Spain's land claims
What were the two main goals of the missions? To convert Native Americans to Christianity and to make them into loyal Spanish subjects; (to strengthen Spain’s hold on Texas)
What was the first mission built in Texas and where was it located? Corpus Christi de la Ysleta in El Paso
Why were missions built in East Texas? Due to the threat that French might move into that area
What happened to the first East Texas missions (San Francisco de los Tejas)? They were abandoned because the Native Americans blamed the Spanish for all of their problems and planned on killing the Spanish. There problems included disease, soldiers treated them with contempt, and floods destroyed their crops.
Why was Los Adaes made the capital of Spanish Texas? It was near French Louisiana and the Spanish thought that would help the Spanish keep an eye on the French
What did St. Denis do for Texas? St. Denis was a Frenchman who built a trading post at Natchitoches and along with Father Hidalgo established 6 missions in East Texas.
What was important about the location of San Antonio de Valero and San Antonio de Béxar? They were the halfway point between the Rio Grande and East Texas.
Who attacked Los Adaes during the Chicken War? The French
What was the impact on the East Texas missions due to the Chicken War? The East Texas missions were abandoned for a second time as a result of the Chicken War.
What were the Native Americans expected to do at the missions and what did they make? Practice Catholicism, learn Spanish customs, farm, care for the animals/ranch, make soap and bricks, sew and blacksmithing
Why did the Native Americans come to live at the missions? The Spanish gave them food, protected them, offered gifts to Native Americans
What were the problems at the missions? disease, Native Americans did not want to convert, they rejected Spanish ways, Some Native Americans raided the missions
What were the problems at the presidios? soldiers were not paid well, they went into debt, soldiers were poorly treated by the officers and soldiers disagreed with friars about how to treat Native Americans
What was another name for the Seven Years War? French and Indian War
What did France cede to Spain as a result of the Seven Years War and why? Louisiana Territory west of the Mississippi River so Britain would not get it
What impact did this have on Texas? There was no longer a French threat to Texas, so that is one reason why the Spanish stopped building missions
Why was Marqués de Rubí sent to North America? To review Spain’s colonies in North America
What did he (Marquis de Rubi) report? He reported that Spain’s power was spread too thin across Texas,
What did Spain do as a result of his (Marquis de Rubi's) report? Spain closed most of the missions in Texas
What were Spanish contributions in Texas due to the missions and presidios? Ranching which would become a major industry and traditions of the vaquero (cowboy); the words bronco and lasso; names of places and all major rivers except the Red River
What were the only 3 major settlements in Texas in the early 1800s? Nacogdoches, San Antonio and La Bahía
How did the Louisiana Purchase affect Spain? The Spanish now had a new neighbor, the United States, who was eager to expand. So the Spanish now saw the U.S. as a threat to their land.
Who was James Wilkinson and what did he do? He was a general of the U.S. Army who was a double agent. Wilkinson and Aaron Burr, former V.P. of the U.S. planned to take Kentucky and Louisiana from the U.S. to create an independent country there. The plot failed. Wilkinson blamed everything on Burr.
What was the Neutral Ground Agreement? It stated that no U.S. or Spanish troops could occupy the land until the border conflict was resolved. This area became popular for outlaws/criminals.
What were some reasons why filibusters came to Texas? There were not many settlements in Texas; Unrest in Mexico; US was the new neighbor and eager to expand; filibusters also saw this as a way to gain wealth.
Who was the former vice-president that partnered up with Wilkinson? They tried to create their own independent country, but failed and Wilkinson blamed him for everything. Aaron Burr
This filibuster was sent to the neutral ground to remove criminals. He was upset about not receiving an army promotion, so he led an expedition in 1812 aiming to separate Texas from New Spain. He ended up being killed. Augustus Magee
Which filibuster was a partner with Magee and wanted to create an independent Mexico? Bernardo Gutiérrez
Which filibuster took command after Magee died and forced the Spanish back to San Antonio? Samuel Kemper
This filibuster believed Texas was part of the United States as a result of the Louisiana Purchase. He was upset that the US gave away its land claims to Texas, so he took over Nacogdoches and declared Texas free from Spain. Dr. James Long
Why did Kemper and Gutiérrez disagree? Kemper hoped that Texas might someday join the US and Gutiérrez wanted Texas to become part of a free Mexico
What two countries signed the Adams-Onís Treaty? Spain and the United States
What did the Adams-Onís Treaty say? It set the border at the Sabine River; U.S. agreed that Spain owned Texas; Spain sold Florida to the U.S.
Who earned the name of “the Mother of Texas” because of her strength and bravery and pioneer attitude? Jane Long
Identify King Ferdinand VII. King of Spain in early 1800s who was forced to give some power to the people; he did away with the Constitution of 1812
Identify Agustin de Iturbide Mexican conservative leader who helped liberate (set free) Mexico; He helped to create the Plan of Iguala.
What did the Constitution of 1812 do? It curbed the king’s power and gave rights to the people.
What did the Plan of Iguala say? **Mexico would be an independent nation; **peninsulares (Europeans)and criollos (Americans) would be equal**the Catholic Church would keep its power (that would be the religion of Mexico)**the government would be a constitutional monarchy
In what year did Mexico gain its independence from Spain? 1821
What were the issues that Mexico faced after receiving its independence? high poverty; social classes argued how Mexico should be run; what would the US do
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