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Latin America

6th grade History - Study Guide

Explain why Africans slaves were needed to work in the Americas. Europeans needed new workers after disease & violence killed Native Americans.
What kind of work did the slaves do? Worked on Haciendas (plantations) & worked in mines.
What happened to the indigenous (native) people of Latin America? Disease and violence killed the Native Americans.
What cash crops were grown on plantations? Sugar Cane & Coffee
Explain the process of the Triangle trade. Latin America ----->Europe----->Africa------>then back to Latin America. Forming a Triangle
In present day Latin America, where can you still see the influence of the heritage of African slaves? Religion, Language, Music, Food, Dance
During the Slave Trade, much of the wealth went to Europe. How does this impact Latin America countries today? Many Latin American countries are poor.
How did the Columbian exchange impact Europe and the America's? Immediate effects - Disease, Slave Trade, Crops, Animals, Weapons Long term effects - Languages, Religion, Blended Culture
What things that were exchanged during the Columbian exchange. Slave Trade, Crops, Animals, Weapons
How is the Columbian exchange an example of globalization? Old World & New World exchange Products & Ideas
What country did Spain have the most influence over? Cuba & Mexico
What country did Portugal have the most influence over? Brazil
Explain how Language & Religion played a part in the Columbian exchange. Europeans brought Languages & Religion to the New World which impacted the indigenous (native) population.
How did missionaries play a role in the Columbian exchange? European countries paid missionaries to convert indigenous (native) people; Many converted to avoid slavery.
Cuban Revolution:
Fulgencio Batista Cuban Dictator before Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro Cuban Dictator 1950's - 2000
Cold War Period of unrest & tension - Communism vs. Democracy
Communist Political & Economic theory ; does not have the same views as Democracy
Coup Over throw the government
Cuban Missile Crisis Period of intense concern between the USSR & USA
Embargo Stops Trade
John F. Kennedy U.S. president during this time
Nikita Khrushchev Soviet Leader during this time
Soviet Union Communist country that helps Cuba
Briefly explain Cuba's history prior to the Cuban Revolution: Who was the Leader? Government Type? Dictator Batista; Autocracy Government
What was Cuba's relationship with the USA like? Good
Why was the USA interested in the relationship it had with Cuba? Batista encouraged trade with the USA; The USA had many Sugar Cane farms in Cuba
Explain the Cuban Revolution: Who led it? What happened? Fidel Castro; He used guerrilla warfare to overthrow Batista's Government
Why did people support Castro's revolution? Castro supported the middle & lower class; And the people began to not trust Batista
What government was established? Communist
What changes were made once this government was established? (Pros & Cons) How they impacted the Cuban people Pros: Wages increased, Poor given access to Medical Care, & taught to read & write. Cons: 1 party government, Censorship of Media & Citizens
What happened to American property and citizens in Cuba? Property was taken from Americans & was given back to the government; Many Americans left Cuba
How did the USA respond to the Cuban Revolution? Placed an Embargo on Cuba: Embargo is a policy that stops all trade with a country
Why did the USA choose to place an Embargo on Cuba? It was a way to use economics to show their displeasure with Cuba's new government.
How did the Soviet Union respond to the Cuban Revolution? They provided training & weapons to Cuba ; Purchased the Sugar Cane crop
Explain the Cuban Missile Crisis: What countries were involved? Soviet Union, USA & Cuba
What worldwide event was going on during this time? The Cold War
How did Cuba's proximity or (location) to the USA factor into this? The Soviet Union now had an ally (friend) much closer to the USA
What 3 leaders were involved? Soviet Leader: Khrushcher, Cuban Leader: Castro, USA Leader: Kennedy
How was the Crisis resolved? The USA discovered missiles in Cuba provided by the USSR; USA placed blockade (cut off supplies) on Cuba. So USSR removed missiles & then USA removed their missiles.
What is the relationship like between the USA and Cuba today? Tense but better than in the past
How did President Barack Obama play a role in the relationship between the two countries? His policies towards Cuba lessened tension between the two countries
Current Events in Latin America:
Andean Countries along the Andes Mountains
BRICS Worlds 5 fastest growing economies
Cartel Group that dominates trade
Emigrate Relocate to a new country for employment
Latino A person with Latino ancestry from a Spanish speaking country
Narco-terrorism Violent extremism related to illegal drug trade
Naturalization Process of becoming a Legal Citizen in a new country
Rural trafficking illegal smuggling of people or products
What has led to a high level of poverty in Latin America? Lack of Employment & Lack of access to education
Discuss Literacy rate in Latin America Over 50% of 15 year-olds in Latin America are illiterate. ( Can't read or write)
Based on your knowledge of poverty in Latin America, what generalization can you make about the GDP & Standard of Living in many Latin American Countries? GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is low which causes lower Standard of Living
War on Drugs:
Describe where cocaine production is the most prevalent in Latin America The Andean Region ( Countries along the Andes Mountains)
Why does the U.S. have an interest in curbing drug trade in Latin America? illegal Drugs from Latin America are brought to the USA
How does government corruption impact Latin America's inability to combat drug trade? The corrupt (bad) governments support drug cartels with money; It is hard to punish those involved
How does the drug trade impact civilians? Causes Death & unsafe living condition
How has the war on drugs & poverty in general impacted emigration from Latin America to the USA? Emigration from Latin America to the USA has increased as people look for better employment & safer places to live
Created by: acwillis2005



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