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coach ed’s midterm

Invented the radio Guglielmo marconi
Reform movement concerned with voting rights Women’s suffrage
discovered the link between microbes and diseases Louis Pasteur
A measure of the quality and availability of necessities and comfort in a society Standards of living
Invented dynamite, a safer form of explosive than others at the time. Alfred Nobel
Impressionist painter who relied on the viewers eye to blend brush strokes into patches of color Claude Monet
Romantic composer who was the first to take full advantage of the broad range of instruments in the modern orchestra Ludwig van beethoven
Shares of ownership in a corporate Stock
Advocated limiting or banning the use of alcoholic beverages Temperance movement
Rebuilding poor areas of a city Urban renewal
why did japan lack basic resources, yet it industrialized rapidly after 1868? A political revolution that made modernization a priority
Today’s electric generations work on the same time principle as the dynamo invented by who? Michael faraday
A production method in which workers repeatedly perform one task in the manufacturing process Assembly line
The population of Europe exploded between 100 and 1900 in large parts because... Death rate fell
the saying “A man’s home is his castle” reflected what middle class value of the late 1800’s? The man is the head of the house
The purpose of “normal schools” were to train students to be better citizens
Englishmen John dalton made an important breakthrough in chemistry by showing that Each element has it own kind of atom
What theory applied the idea of natural selection to development of business society? Darwinism
Romanticism can be described as a revolt against the enlightenment’s emphasis on Imagination freedom
An artist of the mid-1800’s who portrayed the harsh lives of slum dwellers was probably using what artistic style? Realism
Created by: Breleighm