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Forming a Government

Chapter 5 Review

What issue had to be settled before the Articles of Confederation were ratified? Control of western lands
What does RATIFIED mean? to change or pass into law
The Land Ordinance of 1785 determined... how western lands would be divided into townships.
Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established... the Northwest Territory
Where did American people get ideas for their first government? Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, Philosophers Locke and Montesquieu and the Mayflower Compact.
What was America's first form of government known as? Articles of Confederation
Define SUFFRAGE The right to vote
What groups of people were not included in the new government? African Americans, Native Americans and women
Which power was given to congress under the Articles of Confederation make treaties
Which factor determined if a territory could become a state? population
Define TARIFFS taxes on imports and exports
What steps did Great Britain take that hurt the economy of the United States? made American merchants pay high tariffs on exports.
How did the weaknesses of the A of C affect US relations with other nations? The US appeared weak because it had no army to enforce treaties.
Define INFLATION When there is an increased price for goods and services, but reduced value of money
Why did the US experience inflation under the A of C? Because there was no common currency among the states.
Define DEPRESSION A period of low economic activity combined with a rise in unemployment
What caused the US to enter into a depression under the A of C? loss of trade with Great Britain and inflation caused a depression.
What was Shays's rebellion? An uprising of poor farmers to protest high taxes.
Although Shays's rebellion was defeated, what good came from it? It showed the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and leaders called for a Constitutional Convention in 1787.
Who is the "Father of the Constitution"? James Madison
Define the VIRGINIA PLAN supported large states, with representation based on population.
Define the NEW JERSEY PLAN supported small states, with equal representation .
Define the GREAT COMPROMISE proposed by Connecticut delegate Roger Sherman, and created a bicameral legislature = two house congress that had a Senate with equal representation (2 from each state), and a House of Representatives with representation based on population. (16 from Ohio
What was the 3/5 Compromise Southern states wanted the slave population to count when determining their total population. 3/5ths of the state's slave population would count toward deciding how many representatives they would have.
Define POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY Political authority is in the hands of the people - we have the power, and exercise that power when we vote!
What are the 3 Branches of Government Executive = President/Vice President Legislative = Senate and House of Representatives Judicial = Supreme Court
Explain CHECKS AND BALANCES System that keeps any branch from becoming too powerful
Define FEDERALISM Divides the powers of government between the central and state governments
Weaknesses of the A of C: - more power for the states - one branch of government -could not tax/build an army - no system of checks and balances
Strengths of the Constitution -3 branches of government -system of checks and balances -most power held by national government
Define ANTIFEDERALIST People who opposed the Constitution because it gave too much power to the central government. Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry were Antifederalists
Define FEDERALIST supporters of the Constitution because they felt we needed an strong central government. George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were federalists.
Define FEDERALIST PAPERS Essays written in support of the Constitution to help persuade the states to ratify the document. Written by Hamilton, Jay and Madison.
What document needed to be added to the Constitution before it could be ratified? Bill of Rights
Define BILL OF RIGHTS First 10 Amendments (changes) to the Constituiton
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