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7 Hist Ch 14 BJU WS

Abstinence Opposed to any form of drinking alcohol
Alexander Graham Bell Invented the telephone
Alfred Dreyfus Jewish Captain in the French army accused of passing military secrets to Germans.
Anti-Semitism Hatred toward Jews, recorded as far back as the Middle Ages
Benjamin Disraeli Prime Minister who increased the number of eligible British voters.
British North America Act Established dominion in Canada with four initial provinces.
Charles Darwin Wrote "Origins of the Species"
Charles Dickens Author who wrote about hardships during the industrial age.
Chartism Developed by working class in Britain to secure rights.
Freidrich Engels Helped Karl Marx write the Communist Manifesto
Henry Ford Helped develop the automobile
James Maxwell Laid foundation in science that Einstein built upon.
Karl Marx Viewed History as a series of class struggles
Latin America countries that warred against each other throughout the 1800s
Leo Tolstoy Author of "War and Peace."
Louis Pasteur Made discoveries to slow the spread of disease.
Napoleon Bonaparte Founder of France's second empire
North Carolina Place where Wright Brothers had first successful flight.
Pasteurization Treatment of milk and liquid that slowed the spread of disease.
Pogrom Targeted and repeated attacks on Jews in Russia.
Porfirio Diaz Elected leaders Mexico
Proletariat Convinced by Karl Marx to rebel against oppression
Prussia First European state to provide free education to children.
Quebec Act Passed by Britain to maintain the loyalty of French Canadians
Realism Art form that emphasized everyday life.
Reform Act of 1867 Granted voting privileges to all male homeowners.
Richard Wagner German composer opposed to Jewish influence on German culture.
Romanticism Focused on Medieval times, chivalry, supernatural, and celebrating nature, freedom, and nationalism.
Samuel Morse Developed the Telegraph
Socialism Property should be commonly and publicly owned.
Suffrage The right to vote
Sunday School Started in Britain to help teach children to read.
Third Republic Captured Napoleon and deposed of him.
Utopian Socialists Believed a person's surroundings influenced their character
William Gladstone British Prime Minister who believed in an educated public
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